stains on stucco

Hi Mike,

You may try going to your local swimming pool supply company and get a product called Inviro Terra.
Probably best to get the delutable one instead of the RTU.
It is probably going to take full strength. It works like acid but it's about as safe as dish washing liquid.

Let me know if it works.

I've used it to get rust off of a white concrete sealant caused by iron that was over sprayed on a lawn.

Richard R.


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Hi Richard,

Could you either Email me your Email address or phone number so I can send mail or call you.

I sent you Email from the board and it went to someone else, how that happened I have no idea but the answer I got was funny.

Perhaps you also got the mail but not taking chances, what I did was call around to 3 pool supply companies, none ever heard of this Enviro Terra product.

What other names does it go by? what is it?

Speedy reply please as I have 2 houses to do tomorrow, Tuesday.

You can use truck wash acid, I know it is very nasty stuff but used right it works great. Make sure you spray some truck wash soap on it when you are done.Oh, Put it in a pump up sprayer it works better that way.

I hope this helps.

Try that goofy chemical that guy sold for gutters. I can't remember the name. It was a lot like the chemical I use that really works. I have used it on stains like that to perfection. What ever that chemical is. I know his was week but if you can find out what it is, you can probably get it for future jobs, if you pass on this job. The chemical I have for gutters is great. 99.99999 % of the time it is spay on and rinse of. But I don't know the main ingredient.

I got it in IL. It will remove paint if left to long. I did a job today and the guy almost passed out. I used our favorite mix on the house and that on the gutters. The house looked freshly painted and the gutters looked new. I told the guy before I start he would say wow when I was through. I don't think he was so sure. The last guy to do it. Left the house looking like dodo.

He had to give the guy money up front and let him use his ladder. He told the guy he would have to paint the gutters. I did this job from the ground. I did get up on the roof once for some egg spots. I got the egg off the brick area with hot water without a problem. The painted area would not come clean with out damage. I tried my miracle gutter cleaner & sure enough the egg came off the painted surface.

This guy came out and couldn't shut up he was so pleased. Then the wife came out. That's another story. This house had yellow painted areas and lower brick. The paint areas were pretty black and the gutter had black streaks bad.

Looked Brand new. The guy said this is beyond WOW

I will make an effort to find out what the heck this chemical is, I should start selling it. ;)

I just want to warn you. I have been going to find out since last year. I just never seem to get around to it. I will try and find out ASAP.
You know, one time I saw a cook book that had a couple of recipes from about all of the different ladies of a certain congregation. The cook book was an absolute success, with the beginning showing all the different weights and measures and all kinds of neat little tips and tricks about cooking.
Before I loose everyones attention, maybe I should explain.

I had an idea here that I thought might be of financial benefit to this web site. Now I know there is probably a lot more work involved than I am probably realizing at this time but here goes.

Why couldn't we all get together, each of us write a few tips and tricks that would be beneficial to all of us as a professional group.

When we put them all together, we could turn them all over to a publisher who could in turn help Dan put together a powerwasher's book called of course, the pressure washing zone, or something like that. The proceeds from the book could help fund this site and help Dan emensely. It could really enhance our ability to be better at our profession than you can imagine.

You know, the company in Ft. Worth did a book and charges about $39.00 a book.

We could send each volunteer a form with a list of all the different things we powerwash and in turn, each volunteer could give their tips and tricks on about each and every different methods and chemicals they use. Boy what a book that would be. You know, all the master minds in one book.

One day, the money would start to pour in. It doesn't have to be sold only on this website, but could be sold all over the states.

Well, think about it. It wouldn't be as much work on one person alone to write the entire book, but an OVERALL effort to write a few pages of ideas tips and tricks and the overall outcome would be a real nice donation to Dan and this website on a regular bases, you know, kind of like residual donations (income) to keep the site growing.

I realize that someone would have to put in a lot more energy and have to tie up all of the loose ends but eventually there would be a great benefit for a lot of people.

Maybe we could make a few editions every couple of years, you know with some new volunteers each time. It would help us all keep up to date and really get some attention for our profession.

Well it was just a thought.

As long as someone didn't get greedy and try to get rich, it would really be a good thing. I for one, trust Dan Flynn(I don't think I stand alone,). It would be our contribution to Dan and the members for helping us through some pretty tough times.

Anyway, if there is enough interest in this book, I will try to find the old recipe book and get the outline to whomever might be interested.

Have a Great Day!

Richard R.


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Your idea sounds good, a lot of tips are posted in the forum "Tricks, Tips & Modifcations".

The biggest problem as I see it is some have secrets they are not willing to share.

Example: chemicals and cleaning compounds, some have their own made up by chemist and manufactured for their own use and are not about to share with even their closest friends.

I do feel your idea is good though. There a few books on the market now, one called Power Washers Guidebook. I bought it when I got into the business, it is so so, I think for the price it should have offered much more, I also bought one video from another board and felt it was overpriced by about $40.00.

But let's hear from others, could happen, who knows.
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I wasn't even thinking when I posted this msg., as to where I was on the board.
Sorry about that Mike. No Disrespect intended.
Maybe Dan can help me move this msg. over to the tips and tricks where it belongs.


Richard R. :(

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