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have a multi deck job to do. one deck is redwood with some boards replaced with regular wood. one deck is treated wood and a walkway to one deck that is redwood also. these all have been stained one coat with a sherwin williams acrylic latex solid stain. the stain is a grey color. there are alot of flower beds and plants around areas to strip all decks are to be stripped and restained. some of the areas on the decks and walkway are allready pealing from just last years stain. she wants the decks restained with cabots and a similar solid grey stain but i do believe that its going to be oil based. what stripper should i use to strip and what neutralizer should i follow up with after stripping and also and suggestions on cleanup etc because of all the flower beds and plants around the deck areas? any special care that is needed for staining and stripping redwood? any info greatly appreciated

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My advice would be to......PUNT!! Did you do any testing? Solid color stain is not impossible to strip, but normally not worth the time to do it. The alkalyd's are extremely difficult to break down. Go to Sherwin & ask what they recommend. My bet is they don't have the answer.

Yes, there are strippers that will work, but costly & time consuming......and caustic. If you do testing, test areas that get no sun, and appear to have attached to the surface properly. The peeling areas will fool you into believing it's an easy fix. If in fact it's strippable, then you can proceed.

Corn cob blasting is one solution that won't hurt the wood and do an incredible job. A bit pricey, but if you tell the customer that it will fix the problem, they may go for it. Explain to them that the current problem will never go away. Also, if you in fact get it stripped, DON'T PUT SOLID COLOR STAIN BACK ON!!!! Film formers are the absolute worst thing to put on deck material. Use a good preservative!

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If you're going to cover a solid latex with another solid latex, then all you have to do is wash the deck with a good detergent, and remove as much of the peeling as possible. You're not going to remove it all....just go for the majority.

Then after the deck is dry, apply your new coat of solid latex.

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