UAMCC Receives Donation from Clean County

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The UAMCC would like to publicly acknowledge and offer our sincerest thanks for the very generous donation that Mr. & Mrs. John Tornabene of Clean County Powerwashing gave to the UAMCC at the Myrtle Beach RT.

John, it was a pleasure to finally have met Kathy....she is such a wonderful and sweet person.

The UAMCC appreciates the faith and efforts that everyone is putting into the UAMCC. We are humbled by accepting this donation from both you and Kathy!

Thanks John!
Hey Carlos-- Those were wild times. If I was able to look into a crystal ball my wife & I wouldn't have done this then but it was great meeting guys like yourself. Since you couldn't make this yrs PWRA "Humungous" DC event hopefully we'll meet up at next yrs event ;)

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