What is the best chemical to use for Kitchen Hood Cleaning


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Hi everybody I am new to this forum. My name is Michael Samperi, I own and run A-1 Commercial Kitchen Services located in New Jersey. I have been doing Hoods for 5 years now, I have tried a few different products, but I found oakite 51 the best. It is just so expense, can anybody else recommend a good product. No sales Reps comments.

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Hey Michael, welcome to the PWN glad you stopped by. I don't do hood cleaning so I am not much help there, but one of our moderators, Ant, is. Hopefully he will thave ime to check in and answer. If not, you can go to his site hoodcleaninghelper.com and get some great insight there.


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I like Super Doug from ZEP if you don't want to mix your own. It has great surfactants and emulsifiers and rinsing agents that not only clean well, but rinse well and don't leave residue behind.

If you mix your own, you will need to add all these yourself to get the same quality. It's not just about making it REALLY strong. Mixing your own can be cheaper, but is also more dangerous and takes more time so it's a personal choice.

Good luck.


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commercial oven cleaner thats thin enough to shoot with a pump spayer works for me.
It's difficult finding stuff thats not costly. avg $15.00 per gallon.
sparton has one, and theres hot shot at grainger, not bad price either.

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