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    Sacramento Bee Story about drought & pressure washing.

    We're getting consistent amounts of rain here in the Carolinas (and some tornadoes as well). The drought indicators show some areas but nothing has come down from "the powers" yet as to any restrictions for our industry.
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    Bad power wash and seal job. Help!

    There is a higher likelihood that he WON'T be able to fix it - since he was uneducated enough to do the damage in the first place. What did he charge you - couple hundred bucks? This is unfortunately what happens many times when folks don't check out a contractor's qualifications. Wood...
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    water/waste removal suggestions

    No - RE-READ my response. I absolutely did NOT say that everyone has a recapture/removal system. I said there is a Federal law (Clean Water Act (CWA) | Agriculture | US EPA) against water going into storm sewers. There are multiple methods for redirecting your run-off that is...
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    Washing Hardy Backer board

    We've had success just using our regular housewash mix - same as for painted siding :) As always, we start as weak as possible and graduate as the need dictates.
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    water/waste removal suggestions

    Gene - you can't even let your WATER go down the street to the drains....and that's not a Louisiana thing - it's a Federal one called the Clean Water Act (CWA). There are lots of ways to capture/divert your run-off. I know this doesn't address the dirt you're getting but it may help you to...
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    New members we need your help.

    Mark - there is an amazing event coming up in Charleston SC next week immediately following the CETA Power Clean 2010. There should be no less than 150 contractors there for you to network with not to mention the topics & speakers!
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    Log home cleaning staining NC

    Log home restoration in North Carolina by Carolina ProWash
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    Deck Cleaning Staining NC

    Pressure treated deck in NC cleaned and stained by Carolina ProWash
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    Graffiti Removal North Carolina

    Graffiti removal in North Carolina by Carolina ProWash
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    Ipe Deck Cleaning & Sealing North Carolina

    Ipe deck restoration in Wake County NC by Carolina ProWash
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    Cedar siding Restoration North Carolina

    Cedar siding restored by Carolina ProWash
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    Cleaning old cedar siding

    This sounds pretty much like a straight forward restoration job. The exposed side is at the end of its life and the darkened sides, well it happens when it doesn't get the sun so much. I can't comment on the product you referred to as I am not familiar - we have a wood restoration line that...
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    Cleaning an old deck

    Okay, now that I have picked myself up off the floor from fainting at everything you have done......... I just hope you haven't totally obliterated all of the lignens or turned the thing to pulp with high pressure. If you haven't.....BE GENTLE from here on out. If you have - get a planer...
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    Bidding deck restoration

    Not knowing your experience level, the age of the wood, what products you use to prep with, what equipment you're using - got NO idea if $1.25 is enough for you. I can assure you that our company wouldn't even show up for that price.
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    Bidding deck restoration

    Steve, Pricing and what it includes varies from contractor to contractor / state to state :) Some charge for stain separately because sales tax has to be collected. Charges vary with the degree of difficulty of the job, the PITA factor of the height/plants/terrain, the demographics of...