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    Who still post here from the early days of this bulletin board?

    Didn't immediately jump on the bandwagon but I was here in the first two years.
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Nice work Jake!
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Thanks Carlos!
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    Pressure Washing The Woodlands Texas

    Big difference, great before and after pics!
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Thank you Doug!
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    Thanks Jason, they paid about two thirds of what the total cost would have been. The classes are a lot of fun and very beneficial for those that take them because they either cut the learning curve down for the newer contractor or for the more seasoned contractors they end up learning a whole...
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    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    I haven't posted here in a long time so here goes. This is a deck where the homeowner wanted to sell the property and was told the deck was shot and needed to be removed and a new deck installed. We gave them the alternative do remove the horizontals, restore the verticals, do some small...
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    Power washing cedar shingles

    cassidy36, Why would you take one of your most important assets and perform work that vandalizes your own property? If you used water and pressure only this is what you did. I am replying here so that other homeowners who come here and read this realize that this is a project that takes...
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    Cedar deck questions....

    This is an excerpt from an article I wrote a few years ago. Unfortunately it still applies. My suggestion would be to find someone to do this project for you. Hopefully there is a contractor on here who is in your area to help you. There are a lot of great folks on here that frequent this board...
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    New to the Deckwork side of things

    Jeremy, I guess it is all a matter of perception and how you build your business. First I have a minimum job of $500.00. Anything below that I can not really make enough money on. Second, my average deck job is over $1000.00. We do a lot of wood houses as well. Most of these are referrals...
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    Old stain blotches

    If everything is as you stated originally this is called "flash drying." This occurs when the surface is too hot and when the product is applied it is not able to penetrate or coat as it was designed. It actually dries too quickly near the surfaces. When this happens you get the shiny areas that...
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    How to chose neighborhoods

    I got this from Mike Highes about 4 years ago. He had a program on his computer to print postcards. He set it up so that he could get the street and enter the numbers of the homes from the beginning and end of the street and it would produce all the postcards in between. He had real sharp before...
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    Advice on this job...

    Without knowing the dimensions of the house $400 looks like more than fair. There are a lot of people who use $1/linear ft./floor. So if a house is 70x35 that is 70+70+35+35=210 linear ft., if it is a two story you would charge about $420.00. Take into consideration problem area and contemporary...
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    Are you a PWNA member

    Leave it to Grant! Stripers, fish, hunting, no innuendo. See how you guys in the concrete jungle think! I know you hunt strippers there though. Difference is when us hunters talk about a nice rack we are talk'in antlers and you guys are talking something else!
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    Are you a PWNA member

    Larry, I will admit that I did let my standards slip a bit in the past couple of years and rededicated myself to better training and not accepting anything but the best I can give. I heard a good quote one day and it really struck a cord with me; "At the end of the day it is over, you can not...