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Cat Powerwash

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What is everyone paying for chlorine? I am here in jersey and this guy that I deal with keeps telling me that prices of chlorine keep going up and up. I buy by the case.( much easier to handle) 1 gallon costs me $3.84. If I by by the 55 gallon drum it wont be much cheaper. I am curious to see what everyone is paying accross the country.


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Hey guys....

I'm paying .89 cents a gallon during the week and on Thursday they have special pricing of .69 cents a gallon. just pull up to tank and pump my own i carry a 65 gal chem tank and 2/15 gal reserve tanks

newbie pete

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Im in RI, If I buy half a pallet 45 gallons, 2.35 a gallon. A full pallet around 2.05 per gallon. One question, how much is the shipping from Florida.


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I pay $1.35 per gallon when I buy it in bulk. I pull up to the pump and pump away. I usually buy 70-gallons at a time. Hugh

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