a new way fer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Musgraves

Staff member

Sorry, i have to agree with LightningClean. Chevy is the only way to go. Yes Jon, us backwoods country fellas know our trucks. They are our home, bed, bathroom, storage, etc. Yep, they are quite an investment. Seriously, you might get an overload leaf spring put in your half ton pickemup truck. Even if you have the trailer well weight distributed, you will eventually wear down a half tons springs. Use a GMC 1 ton now, but first two years used a Z71 and had to beef up the suspension so when i was cruising down the road, i wasn't pointed towards the sky. By the way, that can be really fun sometimes. Back home, on the ranch when we were hauling in round bales of hay, you always knew when you had a REALLY heavy bale because when you lifted it up it would raise your front wheels off the ground. That was a challenge hauling it, had to use the right and left brakes to steer but what fun it was. If your Ford gets that bad, people will get out of your way.


Craig Knight
Power Wash Unlimited

Hey Craig Nice to see your Still in Business

Ron Musgraves

Staff member
See Jon?
Lorin did not say anything about the little bitty Cummins that you got in your truck.
Only mentioned the mighty Powerstroke.
That is what I drive. Although the other truck is a Chevy C-60 with a 350 and an automatic. It does not have a lot of guts, but it does get there. Just not fast, it has a 7.17 rear end in it.

Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?

Just a guy driving around trying to make a living washing trucks, Wouldn't know a deck if it bit me in the hind quarters,

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Scotts Still in Business too! pretty Cool

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