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After another thread posted earlier this week on another forum, I started to crunch some numbers to see what I could do to help those on a budget. This guy was paying $100 a month for a pretty bad site. After some careful thought and some discussion with others, I have come up with an affordable option for those that can not build their own sites or want one better than they could do on their own.

Here is what you will get...

Full featured wordpress site (not one of those 5 pages and you are done sites)
Website design and installation (Graphic design will be extra i.e. logos, banners etc.)
Hosting for 2 years
Domain registration (unless you already have one)
500 email address
Monthly maintenance for updates
The ability to add your own content and photos. (full editing capability)
Phone or email support for training.

What it will cost...

$149.00 to start
$29.00 per month for 24 months
Secondary domains are the same startup and instead of $29 a month they will be $24
After 24 months it drops to around $50.00 per year for the hosting.

The domain will be registered to you and it is yours even should you decide to discontinue the site. There is no contract and you can stop at any time. I will retain the copyrights to the content that I put on there until the 24 monthly payments have been made and then it is all yours. The content that you add to the site is obviously yours to move to another site should you wish. If I have to use stock photos, those will be extra as they have to be purchased.

I wish I could have made it cheaper but the dog needs a new chew toy! (babies are grown so they do not need shoes)


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I was one of the many guys out there that had a company make a great website (WFC) but after over 6 months of them not responding to phone calls and emails and my site crashing at least 5 times in the past year, I called Pat and talked to him about changing my site over from the Joomla platform to the Wordpress so I can make changes like add more pictures, blogs or reports besides the other cool things that Wordpress allows you to do.

He basically just about built a new site since I could not find the info needed to just bring the whole site with me and it looks good.

The cost was not bad, it was done fast and there was not much downtime if any by changing it over to Wordpress.

If you want to have a new site made or changes done to an existing site, give Pat a call as he really knows his stuff and can also help you with the most important stuff (SEO) to help your site get ranking higher on the search engines.

Right now he is having a really great price on having a site built, by far better than anything out there or what I have ever seen out there in several years. It really is affordable to have a site built or for those that specialize in certain services, a whole site just for those specialized services.

He has built sites for Doug Rucker and myself so if you want to see some examples of what he has done, see Doug's sites or mine at Superior Power Washing | Serving Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. | Superior Power Washing 361-853-2513 and see if this is something that you would like to help promote your business as the days of the yellow pages are less and less.

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I hate Joomla...my site is WP all the way.

Ohh by the way...ditto on what Chris said above. Can't go wrong with this deal.


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This is a good deal for guys who don't know what they're doing. You should put this deal up on pressuretek, grime scene and other forums. I have seen a number of people who could use your services.

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