Can you hekp with a SEO case study and trial?


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I made this offer on other forums and now I am offering it here.

A partner and I are attempting to make a SEO case study by combining our resources and methods. As such, we have probably picked the most difficult thing that we could do to test on and that is to rank a forum. This is a brand new forum a little over 30 days old and has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning or pressure washing so we will not compete at all.

The forum is a fishing forum and the hardest part besides the ranking for the keywords that we have chosen is getting initial sign ups and a little content. Not to mention the ranking of a new site can be difficult in itself. I know that a lot of you, myself included, love to fish.

How you can help with this is by signing up and posting a couple of comments. We only need about 100 posts to get us started and any help would be appreciated.

The main thing on this is that if we can rank a forum for these difficult keywords they we can rank anything. You can put links in your signatures also if you want to, I don't care. No it is not the end all be all for SEO power but it is another link.

After this is all done, we are going to put together a package and offer it to all that participate and a steep discount. I will also be making periodic updates as to the status of the keyword ranking along the way.

The site is Best Fishing

Thanks in advance guys and gals. If you have any ideas on improving the forum, let me know that also.


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Thanks guys. You will notice that this is not monetized so the only help I will get is in testing a very difficult site to rank for some very difficult keywords.

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