concrete cleaners & g.p.m. ratings

Barry Loy

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I recently looked at a new flat surface cleaner rated at 3000psi & 2.6gpm. My machine is 3000psi & 4gpm. (1) Would this work on my machine ? (2) Why or why not ? (3) If not, could the nozzles in the new surface cleaner be switched to accomadate my 4gpm ?
Thank you so much !!
Barry Loy


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the plumbing may be to small to handle the gpm.
it might restrict the flow and overwork the unloader even with bigger tip's.

Larry L.

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I would think the plumbing would handle the extra gpm but would think it may over work the spinner head with the added extra gpm.


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I would get one rated for your machine. If you get something rated lower, you will have no claim in reference to a warranty if the need arises. Sometimes it is worth it to spend the extra 50 bucks.


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A 2.6 GPM rated surface cleaner sounds like a hobby type unit to me!

If you are going to do pressure washing as a business, I suggest a top quality piece of equipment, on surface cleaners you can not go wrong with a Steel Eagle IMHO.



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Hey Mark,
I want one but I can only afford a $10 a month payment.....LOL.Seriously We went with a small hover type to start with,but will move up to one like that soon.We have been getting alot of call from fast food places about monthly cleanings.We'll need to clean a wider path quicker if we get all of them.

Dave Olson

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Hello Barry,

We have used a surface cleaner like this one in the picture for several years. It comes with #2 tips in it. We change to #4's and put it to work. Never had a problem. It is rated for hot water up to 4000 psi.

Dave Olson


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You can't go wrong with the Steel Eagle. Scroll back and look at the picture can clearly see the craftsmanship.

The pneumatic rear tires coupled with the front casters make it very smooth to operate. The lawn mower style handle is very sturdy and comfortable. The Dueblin spinner and stainless bars are top quality. If you plan on doing a lot of flatwork, you will appreciate those features.

The easier a tool is to operate, the more consistant quality work you can produce.

The floater style requires you to provide the guidance. It tends to want to glide around with no particular direction. It's not easy to keep straight lines when you're cleaning larger areas.

I've used both, and my preference is for the tire/caster style over the floater style.

Steel Eagle.....Thumbs Up !

Barry Loy

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Thanks to all who have replied to my initial post. The particular unit I have looked at has casters from the manufacturer and the 'lawn mower' style handle bars. There is a difference of $200 between the one rated at 2.6 gpm & the one rated at 4gpm. After an inspection of the plumbing between the two, everything looks the same. Factoring in that my business is a part time operation, i was looking at price. However, I realize if I went with the 2.6 machine, I most likely would not have a warranty to stand on.
Still pondering...
Barry Loy


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I've seen the surface cleaners by Northern. Most are plastic and cannot withstand hot water. A surface cleaner without hot water is not half as usefull.

I'll bet the difference in GPM is in the spinner bearing and the tips.

Personally, I would never order a professional piece of equipment from Northern. I count on my surface cleaner to work, and work well. If I should have a problem, I want to be able to call Mark and get the parts I need to get it back and running. I don't want to deal with an order-taker at Northern.

It's fine to order some stuff from Northern, like less critical parts, or stuff you can't always get other places.

I know how it is to start out and have limited dollars, but certain things are best to not skimp on. Call Mark and at least check his prices before buying from Northern. You might be surprised.

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