Deck Pricing


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I will be doing my 1st deck next week, it is 20x20 and the customer only wants it pressure washed off, no stain, sealant or nothing. what is a good price for that? should i do the deck as a whole or charge by square ft. Also what is a good chemical to use to just clean a deck. Last thing could i get some pricing on decks if i were to clean and stain etc.
thanks alot.


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I'm sure the info you request is here somewhere under the search function. For your immediate issue.. If the deck includes rails the most you are going to get is $175. Probably less in your area. Use sodium percarbonate to clean it. Look up Extreme Solutions, Sunbrite supply, Pressure Tek, Rowlett Pressure Cleaning or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. All of these companies have good cleaners. If the finish is in sound condition and still repels water you could use diluted bleach and a squirt of dawn in warm water.

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