Does Anyone Else Use Business to Business Networking?

My sub-contractor just yesterday took a chance and followed my recommendations on a dumpster pad that needed to have reclaim. (As you know, we do not actively pursue dumpster pads). He had this account for years through the property manager getting a whopping 105 dollars per “As Neededâ€￾ cleaning. ............ Now, not only do he get all of the owners property locations, but is doing that same pad for 1,200 dollars every quarter with reclaim....

I'm scratching my head here.

Are you saying your subcontractor had been violating the law for years and just recently became compliant?

Or are you saying that after following your recommendations the subcontractor now uses chemicals so toxic he has to reclaim and charge more?

Jim, there is a much more environmentally friendly way to clean dumpsters. For much less than $1200 dollars per quarter your subcontractor could have changed his service to twice per week and woudn't have to use any chemicals at all. At that frequency it wouldn't require any of your soaps and could legally and safely be introduced into the storm drain as per BASMAA BMP's.

To the street or
storm drain
Wash water from
cleaning sidewalks, plazas, and
building exteriors, if:
• You have successfully used
dry cleanup methods
(described in the “tipsâ€￾ section of this folder to remove
fresh oil stains, debris, and
using water
• Cleaning is done with
water only—no soap
or other cleaning

Source: from Surface Cleaning.pdf

This is the way Ron Musgraves has approached the issue in the Phoenix area. Maybe you could get with Ron and research some sales techniques that would allow you to provide more environmentally friendly cleaning while being sensitive to the economic climate so that we can all do our part to keep our economy going in an environmentally friendly way.

Of course this all means nothing if your goal is only to raise pricing in spite of the current economic climate. In that case you can disregard this post.

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