Enclosed Trailer Rig Reduced to $8500.00

Doug Rucker

Staff member
I have reduced the price to $8500.00 from the $9500.00 price I origionally posted.
This rig was built by P. George Podell in 2008 at a cost of 22,000.00

1 – 3500 PSI/6 GPM 23HP Honda Hot/Cold Pressure Washing Skid Unit. 515 hours of use. Has been serviced regularly. Unit has been in a covered trailer at all times and never been exposed to the elements. Runs Great and has no problems or issues.

1 – Watermeister X-11 waste water recovery/recycle system. With 2 stage vacuum and hoses. This unit has never been used. All filters are brand new and original from factory. Also a 300 Gallon water/Holding tank that is plumbed for the recovery unit and Pressure Washer to use as closed loop system. (Brand new these sell for right at $5500.00

1 – 14 X 7 Enclosed trailer that the equipment is housed in - Trailer has two rear doors, side door on both sides, and access door to power washer. Light inside. Trailer in excellent condition with no rust or dents.

• HDS-3506-0H6G
• Hot or Cold water pressure washer
• 5.7gpm @ 3500 PSI or two guns each operating at approx 3gpm @ 3500psi
• Honda 24HP Motor
• Belt drive Tri-plex oil bath general pump
• Special pressure regulating unloader for dual gun operation
• Bypass line back to holding tank for longer running time in bypass mode
• 3600psi safety relief
• 2600 Watt 110v generator
• Duplex G.F.C.I. protected outlet
• Adjustable thermostat
• High Pressure soap injection
• Low pressure soap injection
• Steam Valve
• Three Way valve (easily switch from tank supply to fresh water inlet)
• Hour meter
• Cox Dual Stack Hose Reel
• 200’ high pressure hose
• 2 – 24 Foot Telescoping Wands
• Four quick connect nozzles
• 335 Gallon Water tank plumbed with a 2†dump valve for quick draining

I can email you more pic's if you are INTERESTED. just email me at dougrucker21@gmail.com or you can call me at 281.883.8470


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