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Ron Musgraves

Staff member

We Are A Community That Comes Together To Give Tips, Advice, Information, Tricks Of The Trade, Document Templates, Encourage Each Other And So Much More.

Pressure Washing Friend's Group is a Private group of guys & Gals who just want to help others in the Industry. The staff in the group consist of Pressure washing , Roof Cleaners and Soft Washers.
We welcome landscapers , carpet cleaners or any other service people who might be in the mobile cleaning industry sharing the same Values. The group accepts reasonable ads from suppliers and testimonials of all products in the industry. This is the place you can talk about anything under the sun from technology to chemicals to equipment.
Differing opinions is ok as long as we respect those with differing opinions. This means no name calling or foul language. Erasing posts are not allowed, think twice before you post because if you get caught erasing comments you will be removed from the group. We built this group to only be positive and motivate the betterment of individuals.
Have fun keep it clean and debate the best ways to wash, above all reach out and help someone.
Have fun today

Feel free to Take a Doc, enjoy and proper if they help you. Remember when your a success help others.
This group is built off the reputation of the pressure washing institute forum. If your not a member of PWI I highly suggest you join it.
There's lot of great information on the site located at
Let's use some common sense in this group , no foul language. Let's use the power of sharing an treat one another like professionals.
This group only has one other affiliation And that's with power wash network. The oldest forum online also another great resource.

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