Foaming inner hood surface


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Hi guys

Jose Hernandez from Panama City again...

Third thread... industrial kitchen hood cleaning
Hood Foamer

It seem that applying the degreaser as foam is more convinience and productive. So far I think that aplaying foam on flat surfaces is not big a deal, but inside all over the hood change the game.

I found a foam spinner for hoods, I got in touch with this people (internationa phone call), talk to the guy asked him to replay my emails but he never did... and the info he gave me wasn't very

please google:
GF-FSB Square Vent.wmv (sorry I not yet allow to place links)

I do not think this is a mosmatic since the head has 6 protective bars, mosmatic heads have 8

1. Is that important apply degreaser inside the hood
2. Could this job be done using temperatura (steam, hot water) and pressure
3. Should the foamer be apply hot
3. Do you know something likely to foam inside hoods



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Thanks Douglas

So KEC is your recommended... perfect
would you please take a look at this videos on youtube



Looking for a kitchen duct foamer

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