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Hello all. I am just starting out and I am trying to figure out what my overhead is going to be to make sure I am pricing accordingly. I currently have a bunch of gravel trucks in a variety of shapes and sizes that I plan on washing. I wash initially going to charge 30 for a tractor 50 for a tractor with a box and 60 for a trailer. But I am starring to worry this is going to be to low with current gas prices, chemicals and the fact that I will have to go green water all the time because I can only haul 600 gallons.

I am curious how much water you guys are using per truck and trailer. And whether you guys are charging the client for water runs?

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There are a lot of variables to consider like:
How many gallons of water does it take YOUR machine to wash a truck with average dirt residue, other contractor's machines are different sizes, different pressure and different gpm's so their results will probably be different than what you will get unless you have the same machine, using the same chemicals and the same amount of dirt on the trucks and I have never heard of 2 contractors having identical equipment, chemicals, dirt on trucks and similar knowledge.

A lot of guys I know have anywhere from 325 gallons up to 2500 gallons in their huge box trucks that require a CDL to drive them so that changes things a little bit.

Have you asked the company what their budget is for washing trucks?

How often do they want to wash the trucks? This will affect the prices a lot, the less often the washing, the dirtier they will be so the more it will cost to get them clean as it will take longer to wash with more chemicals.

Have you found good truck washing chemicals where you are located?

Do you have a good and reliable application system for the chemicals?

Are you going to have helpers there or doing this by yourself?

There are a lot more variables involved but these should help you decide what to charge based on your info and what you want to make per piece or per hour based on your costs, overhead and experience.

Good luck.

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