Honda Motor Problem


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Ok. This is weird. Yesterday while pressure washing a house and driveway my motor started acting up. It would almost bog down in a sense while I was pressure washing the driveway. Almost dying at some points. But as soon as I let off the wand it would pick back up.

Now I never really lost pressure. And when I went to the back of the house where I could not hear the motor I couldn't tell it was stalling. Though it seemed to run better sense I started using the wand.

Normally I would say it is the motor but as soon as I let off pressure the motor ran perfect. So I was wondering if my pump might be locking up and causing it to do that.

It is a Cat Pump. And it is probably about 4-5 years old. Though 2-3 of them it was rarely used.

Larry L.

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The reason its doesn't bog down when trigger isn't pulled is b/c it's not under load.anyway.

Sometimes its something simple like sparkplug(s) but more important we need to know what size motor.If 16hp check and see if you have spark at both plugs.......


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Check the fuel filter also. It will need more gas when its under load and the filter may be a little clogged. It could get enough to run fine when not under load and then when you pull the trigger it is not getting enough gas to run.


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That is what is odd

I just went through everything about 2 weeks ago. New fuel filter. New spark plug. We cleaned out the carb. And I cleaned and resealed my gas tank. Not to mention the filter which takes in the fuel inside my gas tank is brand new.

Which is why it was bringing me to my pump. I undestand my motor is going to bog down under a load but what I was getting at is I was wondering if my pump was locking up and putting it under a load in which the motor cannnot handle.

Sorry but my Motor is an Honda 11hp. I think GX340.


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Sounds like an engine problem to me.
Possibly in need of a valve job, contaminated
fuel is another possibility.

You mentioned sealing the gas tank? I will
be in my office from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM
PDT today if you want to discuss the problem.


Jeff Robison

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I had almost the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Diagnosis, bad gas. They cleaned it out, removed a little debris from the gas tank and no problems since. It was bad gas, my lawn mower filled from the same gas can ran like crap for two weeks. I drained it, put new gas in and it ran great.

Jeff Robison
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I think it was Bad Gas

Actually I think your right. When I was in the hospital my friend was tuning up my pressure washer for me. And resealing the tank. But when I refilled my tank all the way up it was with a gas container I had at my house. Which sat there stagnent for a month while I was in the hospital. So I guess that was the bad juice.

The thing that puzzles me is that I washed my truck with the same gas a few days before. But it ran fine. Better than ever. Then at that one job I had problems. but today I did a job and not a single problem. But maybe by putting in some more new gas it helped get rid of some more of that bad mojo in there.

Some things I guess you can't ever explain. It's probably just one of those weird annomolies that get a new business owner's heart racing. Then works it's self out.

Ah hell if I know. It is running fine now so I hope it continues.


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If it happens again check the linkage for the governor. A balky governor can give a problem like what you have experienced, a cleaning may be in order . Another spot would be your carberator high low settings. Vibration can make them change if the retention springs are not holding the screw in place.



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If I had to guess what your problem is would have to be due to the gas tank sealer coming lose and clogging up the filter inside the tank I’ve had that same exact problem once before and it almost cost me a race win but luckily it happened during practice and I was able to borrow a motor to finish the race and I won which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t catch the problem when I did so hopefully this will help you. The filters inside the tanks have very little surface area as it is so it only takes a very small amount to clog it up so hope that helps

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