Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner


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Hello Everyone, I just had a look at the New Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner and it does not look too bad. I am not sure if this post should be here or in the equipment forum. I was wondering if anyone has tried or know of anyone that has tried the Hydro Tek Vacuum Surface Cleaner. It does not look like it would get too close to walls or under obstacles but it does look like it would cut back quite a bit on rinsing which for me usually takes longer than the actual cleaning. Most of the time I am by myself and after the cleaning I am spending quite a bit of time rinsing. I have been thinking about getting a vacuum setup like the Steel Eagle 24" Surface Cleaner and getting a Gasoline Powered Vacuum. With the Hydro Tek you only have an electric cord and a garden hose for the pump-out with the pressure hose. With the Steel Eagle you have a Vacuum Hose with the pressure hose. Both would take a little bit of time for setup and take down but each has some advantages. I would like Everyone's Opinion on this. I think with either system it would speed up my job time overall Unless I am not thinking about something or overlooking something. What do you all think? Thanks.


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We have sold the Steel Eagle Fury systems for years, they
do a great job! We also are a Hydro Tek Distributor I was pleasantly
surprised recently when we demonstrated the Hydro Tek ANT 22 Vacuum
Surface Cleaner it too did a Great Job!

The Fury has more power, but it also costs a lot more! Feef Free to call
me if you would like to discuss the benefits of each system. [hello]

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