Interior Hardwood Floor refinishing

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Not sure if this is an appropriate post (apologize to moderator in advance if it isn't)

Im thinking of extending my business to interior hardwood floor refinishing.

Just curious on anyone's opinion on this.

Any one ever done it for a business? Any one know of classes I could take? Im in n.w suburb of Chicago.



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I can tell you this....there is no similarity between outside deck refinishing and indoor hardwood floor refinishing. You will have two different sets of tools, and chemicals.

Tim Lynch

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Your stepping into a Biz that pays well but also requiers training. I have a customer that runs a biz doing hardwood floors. One of his major problems is getting a trained sander. The machine he runs is around 8 grand and to run it he needs workers that are craftmen and were taught how to use it.

Nothing like burning an oak floor that costs thousands of dollars. Or watching the sander take off at 10mph and crashing into those nice cabinets. He told me some horror stories that would scare you away from even thinking about doing it.

But It's a good biz and and reaps in rewards it's not a something you would want to just runout and start doing. You would want to goto a trade school that teaches the craft they are available, he sends workers to one here in northern ca, and takes newbies and trains them on masking the house clean up and sealing before they can touch his machine.

Is say go for it! It's an all year round biz. but has major over head and equipment needs.

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