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Hello guys!

The other day i noticed an add in a trade magazine.Be a internet retail store owner.They offer web hosting,134000 products,sell from any vendor,training ,desighn ,support.

Since i am still looking for something to do in winter,i gave them a call.It costs $300 for the website.Basicly how it works is,someone places an order with you,manufacturer ships it out for you.

All this sounds too good and easy.Just sit at home,invest money in advertising ,no shipping,tracking,packages,just earn money.

I would like some input from you guys you might have had deals or at least know internet industry somewhat.I have no clue about all this.I know people make good money this way and millions of stores on the net.
I am wasting my time ??

Thanks for any input


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From my point of view the only one who is going to make any money here is the people selling those stores.

Save your money and look for legit stuff.

Dan Flynn

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There are millions of websites out there and you would be one of them with out money to advertise!

The more common the products you sell the harder it is to get noticed. I say forget it.

But that's up to you :)


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Thats what i am thinking,forget it,if everybody could make a killing without any work involved besides updating your site,who wouldnt be doing it at such a low startup cost.

I just needed someone else to tell me-yes you are dreaming
Thanks guys

Mike Hughes

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I have to agree with the above. But, you'll never know unless you try it..........just make sure you consider that $300 disposable.

Clean County

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You answered your own question. On things like that your gut instinct is usually correct. You knew the answer unless of course someone could prove you wrong which I doubt they could. Of course there is always somebody that did real well doing the above but its like anything else for that every one person that did well the other 100 are xxxx out of luck.

Here's one they may get some people a little pissed but I say it anyway"AMWAY"(Might of spelled it wrong). I knew a couple of people that gave that a try and I'm talking about them investing a few years in it to make the fortune that they been told that they could make with ease(Pyramid). These people Including one guy that is a close friend of mine, were always saying how some people make millions selling AMWAY. But of course my friend and others didn't make much money at all except for the POWERS TO BE that are at the top. Just like the People that own that INTERNET STORE website that want you to invest in.

Anyway that is my take on it. Good Luck in whatever you do and remember "The best way to make money is the old fashion way by EARNING IT".


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You will probably be expected to handle customer support as well as exchanges and returns, so you'll be surprised as to how much time it would actually take up.

The best way to shop for computer products, at least that I've found, is to visit

As long as you know exactly what you want, and how to interpret what the vendor is selling, you will not beat the pricing that is available.

Computer parts are getting to be a pure commodity....the lowest price is what so many people are looking for.

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