It's Time Again..... Oh those August Nights

Every Year for the last 9 or so years we have done something for our friends. By popular requests, we have decided not to do the Hot air Balloons over the Napa Wine country, with limo service for a wine tasting event with a stay at Villas for our guest, but to do the 52 FT Sailing Yacht with a possible stop over at Angel Island for lunch before heading to our Sky Box at AT&T Park to watch the World Champions San Francisco Giants play ball !

This event is being pick up mostly by The Crystal Cleaning Company LLC. ( Need the tax right off. ) Seats are limited. Price per ticket will be in the $450 to $650 PP range. The Crystal Cleaning Company will pay the difference in the remainder of the ticket. Food and Lodging are NOT included. Tickets will be sold in pairs ONLY. Seating is limited and must be approved by the Crystal Cleaning Company LLC. A NON refundable deposit of $300 pp will be necessary 30 day prior of the event.

Last year, we simply had to many individuals that wanted to go at $200 dollars pp. At that time, The Crystal Cleaning Company LLC paid the difference which was over $600 pp on top of the $200+ pp ( $850 pp). This was to offset the airfare and lodging at the Hilton for those that was on a budget. We also wanted to share in our good fortune and give insight on how to make those big sales.

We are working with Hilton Hotels on pricing, but currently, the hotel is at $90-120 per night plus tax. Sorry, I would not recommend any Motels in Oakland.

We may offer a extra day for a insight from the EPA, both State and Local Agencies. I may even be able to have the Feds in on this with a possible tour of a Sanitation Plant. Not sure. You see, I really do not know if I want to go all out. I will have to think about it.

If we did have the meeting, that event will have a cost unto itself, meaning, I would have to see how much the meeting room, transportation, food etc. would be and then add that price to the ticket.


Maybe just have that event ( Meetings ) as DAY 2 event where more then just the 20 can attend. Again, not sure. I will not do this alone if I go through with it.

Anyway, just a thought.

As always, The Crystal Cleaning Company LLC reserves all rights on this event.

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Thanks to everyone who made it a success in years past. You all have been great and your phone calls of support even better.

Again, we are happy to offset this expense for you and your love one to have something special..... A day on the Bay.

Again Thanks

4 tickets already reserved ?

Boy, that was quick.

16 are available

Please call me at 510-612-0437 to reserve yours. This is on a first come first serve event.

Money Talks, BS walks. Send your check

Payable to Jim Gamble. Be sure to put in the memo: Deposit for Cruise/ Giants event.

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Well for the last 6 or so years we have enjoyed cruising on these 53 foot yachts with friends, family and clients. Just good people enjoying a glass of wine and company, as we sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and then onto the game.

We are coming up on it again. Last year we had Vida Blue and Clark in our Box. This year, we may have some MVP Baseball players. Can't say for sure until they actually show up. Can only invite 20 or so this time around guys....sorry.

Our Sky box is Booked and plan on taking the yacht and dock at Angel's Island for a brunch feast and then sail onto ATT PARK to where we will have full catering service in the suite.....GO GIANTS !!!

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