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I wanted to toss out an idea and get any feedback that I can. Car tagging has been mentioned on the board before and I have given it some thought but have not been excited about the idea of going to the malls or local businesses to put flyers out. However, there is always the Home Show at the convention center held in the spring. I can't really afford to get a booth and I'm not sure that it would pay off if I did, but what do you think of tagging the cars in lots around the convention center? Seems like if the lot owners don't mind then it would be a good place to find a number of homeowners who are interested in putting money into their homes. Any thoughts?



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When flyers are placed on my windshield, it not only annoys me, but I would not do biz with anyone who did that.

It is my opinion only, I'm sure others will follow.

Mike Hughes

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The Home Show organizers probably wouldn't appreciate that either!

If you were going to do that, perhaps Home Depot's parking lot would be better.

Flue Steam

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Sorry John, I would agree with John

"When flyers are placed on my windshield, it not only annoys me"

I also get annoyed with the car owners that typically toss them on the ground and they blow around for days.

You should be able to come up with something more professional that wont tarnish your image.



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I go one step further and call those companies that stick crap on my window, I let them know how cheap they are and that I would never use them.

Same for doornob stuff.


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You need to get a permit to do this kind of thing, as with door hangers. It is called a canvassing permit.
You are supject to a hefty fine if you dont get one.[cops hate to get annoying calls from scared old lady's about people walking around they dont know]
When i get the flyer on my windshield i call the co. ask for the manager and tell them that the guy broke by wiper and it will cost $50 to fix it. Then i ask them for there permit #. it really shakes them up.
Then i let them off the hook.:p


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I agree with each of you on the annoyance of car tagging normally, but I was thinking that at the home show everyone is expecting to walk out with a bag or two full of pamphlets and flyers. But, that's the great thing about the board, and I appreciate the feedback. Think I'll skip the car tagging and work in another direction.


Dan S

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let me tell ya a story about "car tagging"

a local contractor put a "tag" under the wiper of a trk. .. the trk. owner claimed he broke the wiper .. and re-turn scratched the windshield ..... it went to the local JP and the contractor lost ........ he had to pay all the damages ....... and JP cost .........

what a world huh?

but if indeed he broke it he should pay ........

not too mention when I see a contractor tagging cars the first thing that comes to my mind is ............ boy is ever hard up for work ...

Tim Smith

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Just my 2 cents - Last April, I did exactly what you are talking about at a home show - I go so many calls for estimates and people wanting to find out more information. I put out over a 3 day period - 1000 flyers and received approx. 120 calls.

Marketing in general is intrusive to our privacy. Cold calls, mail-outs, flyers, etc are all intrusive to our privacy. You are in business to market your product with the tools available.

Put aside the horror stories, etc - With a home show, you have a target market of customers that are looking to improve their home. This is a great way to reach a target market with a low amount of capital.

Go buy a mailing list of a 1000 home owners wanting to improve their home - buy the postage - buy the envelopes - buy the letter itself ---- Mail them out and you have still given a homeowner something that they did not request, a mail-out. Whats the difference besides the cost is much cheaper to put the flyer on the wind shield.

Rick - Pro Wash

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Hi Guys,

We're the ones that come along after hours and have to sweep up all those fliers from the parking lot. We do all the local malls and shopping centers each night. The extra litter can add fifteen to twenty minutes to each stop. Should I pay for the extra cost or should the property manager pay?

Usually it's the "make big bucks working at home" or "lose weight now" folks, but sometimes it's a reputable company.

Just my view.

See ya,



it looks like someone is making money from them :D :D

cheers paul.


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I recently visited an Expo show held by a neighbor counties chamber of commerce. I did not win any of the drawings, but I made a few good contacts, free stuff (Staples was best) and exchanged several cards. All in all it was a fun, entertaining and informative afternoon. I have only had one job from the Expo, but I have saved on a purchase and swapped some referrals.

Looking at the show for marketing was a good ideas, but maybe not the "tagging". Instead just walk in and start shaking hands.

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