Need Fleet (or other vehicle) washers to write for new online magazine

Allison Heste

New Member
Hey guys,

I really need some fleet washing contractors to help with our new online magazine, Pressure Cleaning Contractor, which will launch at the first of the new year! This new magazine -- which is FOR Contractors, BY Contractors --will be featuring articles for ALL types of contractors who have a pressure washer in their arsenal. I have writers committed to helping in other niche areas, but none in the vehicle/fleet washing industry.

If you are interested in writing, please either email me or post here.

Let's make this new publication great!

New Look

Registerd User
I am at a loss with fleets Allison. I have a client down in San Jose that I can't even give a fleet account to. I don't know of any in my area.

Maybe someone will chime in either here or on the other BBS's

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