need help on a bid using ready seal


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Hey everyone,

I need a little help on working up a bid. I'm hoping to use Ready Seal but I haven't given a bid on it before, so along with what you think a reasonable price would be, could you also recommend a stripper and brightner that you think work well with Ready Seal. Ok, here are the details.
655 square feet
75 linear feet of railing
130 spindles (square)
15 posts
deck is 8 feet off the ground
7 steps (with railing)

The owners just bought the house, so they don't know how old the deck is and they don't know what type of stain it has had or when it last had it. It is almost entirely weathered off. Still showing a little on the spindles and by the back door which has an awning over it. One weird thing is that in some places it looks like it was an oil base and others it looks a lot like a paint or acrylic.

Also, would you recommend brushing or pump sprayers for applying? what do you think the difference in time would be and in the quality of the application.

Thanks for the help.



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ron p

you have stated you want to use ready seal
if iwere you i would call P. FITTCHETT 1-410-381-8400
who is the MFG. of ready seal and can sell you everything you need and tell you what
others in YOUR area would charge,
Then re-post with any questions you still might have.
my guess would be $1.35 sq ft on the deck foor
$2 a lin ft on the rails[they are up 8 ft to 12 ft off the ground]
$10 a step
between $1000 and $1300
thats strip,brightin,nutrulize,seal

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