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Hello Everyone,

We are looking to affiliate with some outstanding Northern Michigan and Ohio wash companies. We have some fleet work available if you are interested. Please e-mail us at

Hey Bridget. I remember you guys when this board first started in 2000. Glad to see you guys are still "Kicking it". Good post. Someone should jump on this opportunity. Good luck with that.


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Good to see you, how have you been?

Very impressive, what could one expect to invest to get started
with dry ice blasting / cyrogenic cleaning?
Used primarily for interior mold remediation. We have had several requests for this service, but not enough to justify the capital investment.


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Dry ice is great for mold remediation and it does require an additional investment in training, certification, protective equipment and air scrubbers. Grime Busters is right, something that you need to seriously consider.

Our focus is on commercial and industrial cleaning. From factories and warehouses to pop can return machines and pin setters at bowling centers. If its dirty and you can't or don't want to introduce water, dry ice is the way to go.

It's fascinating when you stop and think of the opportunities. We received a call Friday from a lakeside homeowners association that is interested in having is clean equipment and surfaces that are located close to the lake. The absence of cleaning agents appeals to them.
Not having to wash with hard well water appeals to Gordon :)

Mark, the cost of equipment is about 2-3 times the cost of power washing equipment, depending on what you purchase. Living in the beautiful great lake state of Michigan, knowing that this cleaning method will help preserve our natural resources, it was a no brainer.

It's good seeing everyone, we will keep you posted on our progress.

Enjoy the day you create!


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