Opinions needed on new Pressure washer


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I am looking at a new PW for this year. Mainly i use it for residential concrete, house washing and decks. I am not interested in commercial work really at least for a few years and PW is only part of my business. Windows and Gutters and Moss control are a big part also.

The pressure washer i am going to get is a bit different from what you guys use,i think. Since i have no need for hot water I am going to get a 8gpm, 18hp honda, with around 2500psi. This will clean concrete like nobody's business. For 5 years i have delt with a 4gpm machine and its fine for decks. For larger concrete jobs is pretty much sucks.

I know alot of you use a 5gpm 3000psi machine and was wondering if you ever thought of going my route? How often do you use the hot water? And how often do you wish you could clean faster?

I have a guy here local that is getting me an exact quote but its going to be around 3000 for electric start and 18hp honda engine and general pump. Seems like a good price.



Larry L.

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How often do you use the hot water?

I use hotwater on every job.

And how often do you wish you could clean faster?

I always wish I could clean faster but its all I can do is to keep up with 6 gpm,I'd haveta buy a pair of roller skates to keep up with 8 gpm.


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i dont think you can get 8 gpm from a 18 hp engine.
Where would you pull that amount of water from?
"no need for hot water" no such thing unless you only wash wood.
Go with the hot water skid and a second cold water unit for rinseing.[cold water unit can be less pressure-more gpm]
This set-up will make you fast. Fast is where the money is.

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