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i have done about 4 decks this summer and i have a lot more lined up. mostly they have been friends so i have not really charge a lot. Plus i gives me practice when i get out there and really start PW decks. Questions
1) How many PSI should you be using for a deck my machine PSI is 3000, but i have the ability to lower the pressure.
2) What type of deck cleaner should i use or is their a magic formula that everyone uses,
( I mixed part simple green and part bleach and it has been working well nothing but compliments.)
3)In my area i have been charging .35 a sq ft
for just the deck. But the decks that i have to do next week has post, benches, and stairs. What do i charge for the extras?
4) What do i charge for fences per sq ft?

Thanks for any help that you may have to offer.

Will Jay

Dan Flynn

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For wood use the least amount of pressure you can.

Your mix is fine if it works for you. If the decks do not have a sealer or stain on them. If they do, you need to use a wood stripper, then a cleaner.

Your price seems very low. How ever areas are very different. Just to clean we would be at 65 to 75 cents per sq ft. To clean and seal 1 to 5 dollars per sq ft depending on the size of the deck. Fence prices are 2.50 per side per ft clean and seal/stain.

Dan Flynn
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