PWRA 2015 "Huge" Convention coming up in August!!

Clean County

New Member
Be more specific John, maybe I'll come.
1- Anyone doing 5 to 12 million?

2-I like networking with success.

3-What do you think you will learn at the show?

4-How will you contribute ?

1- Hey Ron-- I know quite a few "millionaire" guys going. One of them grosses over $12,000,000/yr. Could be some others to.

2- Like you, I like networking with success. I actually did some work in the past with/for some of these guys.

3-I've been to so many of the Industry shows/events/conventions in the past & I always took away something at all of them. This one I want to find out more about the systems in place from some of these successful people. So I'll be looking to pick brains on that one while enjoying the classes.

4- I was offered to consider teaching a garage class before the convention and I had over 40guys email on doing one...but some of my closest buddies in/near my area expressed concern about did my wife. You can figure out why... But maybe I'll think about doing this in the future with a different plan in place.

But to answer your question I offered to answer any and all questions guys may have for the bar:) I also as you can see freely promote this for Thad & Chris because they done right by me and they took all of the politics out which works good for me I help out where I can ;)

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