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Jeffrey B

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Dear Wiz-
I am purchasing a 3000 psi 5 gpm pw with a General ts2021 pump. It has a float tank, 120v generator system etc etc. I am having it made up with a steam option that will push the temp to 300 degrees at 300 psi but flow drops to 2.5 gpmt. I am getting double braided hose . Is there anything else I should ask before ordering the unit and do you see any problems running steam as an option?



Yes! Ask for a Steam Combo hose with it and an open steam gun with a steam nozzle on the end. If you use the same hose it will not handle the heat! Most are only rated at 250 degF. You can not use the pressure nozzle with steam the hole is too small. Steam is 250psi at 275 to 320 deg. I like to run them at 295deg.
What machine are you thinking about buying?

------------------ If You have a problem with your machine, just ask I'll help if I can.

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