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Ron Musgraves

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On Episode 2 of The STG Podcast, Bradley & Ryan

Talk with Scott Inks & Robert Smith from The Hose Company.
  • They share insight into what it looks like to break into a new industry.
  • How they have created a network of distributors that support each other.
  • Check back for more Episodes Coming Soon!

Ron Musgraves

Staff member
Tune for Episode 3 of the STG Podcast
with Bradley Williams & Ryan Cash

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#ContentCreation #ManyPeopleDontLikeBeingOnCamera

Are your EXCUSES standing in the way of your success?
Remember, success doesn't come from making excuses.

Here's a Break Down into the Common Excuses that often hold us back from creating new content.

1️⃣ Consistency is key.
2️⃣ Share captivating, authentic content.
3️⃣ Know your audience – speak to what they authentically want to hear and learn from your experiences.

Authenticity adds tremendous value!

You don't need to break the bank on equipment!

Kris Meyer

Structured to Grow Podcast Episode 4:
Watch Bradley & Ryan as they discuss
the growth in the industry from

#StructuredToGrow #PodcastEpisode4

While it's a bit longer, we guarantee it's time well spent.

Discover industry insights, entertaining stories, and valuable lessons.
Ron shares the remarkable journey of pressure washing over the past 40 years.

#IndustryInsights #CommunityEngagement #PressureWashingHistory

Learn the secrets to:

  • Building customer connections
  • Hiring top-notch employees
  • Leaving a positive impact on your community.

Big thanks to Ron from the STG team!


Kris Meyer

Watch The STG Podcast Episode 5:
#StructuredToGrow #PodcastEpisode5

Join Brad & Ryan as they had the honor of conversing
with Joel Wright, the President of Fol-Da-Tank

Discover Fol-Da-Tank's Remarkable Work & Incredible Journey
a Family Business spanning 3 Generations. It all started when
banker Grandpa E & Joel Wright helped Rural Firefighters
with a Brilliant Solution: a Collapsible Tank.

is a leading expert in portable water tanks,
and their innovations are revolutionizing how firefighters
prepare for their crucial tasks.
#FirefighterPreparedness #InnovationsInSafety


Kris Meyer

STG Podcast Episode - Trade Shows

Join Bradley, Nicki, and Ryan as they delve
into the ever-evolving world of Trade Events.

In October 2023 CETA made its mark in Glendale, AZ.
Creating the perfect backdrop for this exploration.

Discover how Trade Shows & Trade Professionals have

transformed over the years. Have these changes
led to a shift in the industry?

Listen in as they....
Stress the
Importance of Networking!
Learn to uncover the strategies

for making your booth a success at these events.

Brad Reaffirms a Timeless Truth:
Business Thrives when Built on Trust, Familiarity, & Likability.

#STGPodcast #BusinessSuccess #TradeEvents #Networking

Kris Meyer


1700074394819.pngDon't Miss this Structured To Grow Podcast

Essential Insights on Social Media Video - Worth It For Contractors?

Featuring Roger Scheck

Bradley with Structured To Grow is the content and video evangelist.
Thankfully he has been empowering clients with their content strategies. For instance a construction business owner leveraging social media content effectively.

Brad recently engaged in a conversation with Roger Scheck.
Learn why he dedicated so much effort to social media content for his local renovation and construction business.

The pivotal question remains: has it been worthwhile?
Are you in the construction or trades business wondering if videos, social media, and content creation could work wonders for you? Should you invest in them, or is it just time wasted? Dive into the discussion on industry trends and find out if it's a game-changer for you.

✨ #PodcastInsights #ConstructionIndustry #ContentStrategy

Kris Meyer

Structured To Grow Podcast Hosted By Brad & Ryan.
Special Guest Luke From CompanyCam.
Embracing the prospect of looking foolish often serves as the gateway to mastering something new. When we dread appearing inexperienced, it obstructs our advancement and stifles our curiosity to explore and learn. This principle is relevant across all creative ventures and learning endeavors. Progress often stems from the freedom to err and glean insights from those mistakes. Without embracing this acceptance, we risk stagnation, missing out on chances for growth and innovation.

Luke actively seeks to absorb Brad & Ryan's expertise, prioritizing organic discussions over forceful sales strategies. He firmly believes that authenticity grips audiences and values genuine exchanges. Despite effortlessly engaging in extensive conversations, Luke recognizes his challenges in areas where others excel. He relishes casual podcasts, finding delight in their unscripted nature.

Beginning in a family roofing business and overseeing crews during high school, Luke welcomes industry shifts and creative solutions. The genesis of CompanyCam originates from Luke's problem-solving acumen honed within the family business. Humor plays a pivotal role for Luke and his team, aspiring to produce captivating, unforgettable content. Their mission? To break conventions and craft a memorable, humor-filled space in your mind! #BeDifferent #MemorableMoments #HumorWithoutCruelty

Kris Meyer

️Watch Structured To Grow's Podcast....

✨Exploring the Challenges & Intricacies of an Entrepreneurial Journey!

Welcome Back to the Technician-to-CEO Podcast! Hosted by STG's Best, Brad & CEO Guest, Joe Everest from Ozark Fence and Supply Co. Joe's renowned in the realm of YouTube and is an expert in video marketing. His extensive experience to invest into taking over, managing, and expanding a family business.

Similarly, Brad shares a similar background, adding depth to the podcast discussion. Many listeners might resonate with this background. Knowing it comes with its own unique set of nuances. Taking over an existing family business involves more than starting from scratch! You are to stepping into an established culture, adapting, and steering its evolution towards growth.

Kris Meyer

️Catch Up With Structured To Grow Podcast Success Secrets.

Watch this Episode Going From Technician to CEO Journey with Curt Kempton of ResponsiBid.

Kurt from ResponsiBid has had quite the journey when starting in the industry like many of us have. Initially in window cleaning, he transitioned from being a technician to founding a successful software company. His mission resonates with small business owners, aiming to serve the Fortune 5 million.

In this podcast, Brad expresses excitement about highlighting Kurt's background and their shared connection. Kurt explains during college, he envisioned starting a bicycle shop. As well as his adventure company, setting him on a path away from corporate America.

This conversation promises insights into the entrepreneurial journey. Showing the motivation behind choosing business ownership over a corporate career. Listen for more revelations!

#SuccessUnveiled #TechniciantoCEO #PodcastPower

Kris Meyer


️Elevating in the Cleaning Industry with Secrets from Guest Shawn Gavin of The RHG - Tucker Pole Systems.

✨ Catch Structured To Grow's Awesome Podcast with Host
s Bradley & Ryan

From Pressure Washer to Powerhouse CEO! The Untold Journey of Shawn Gavin. RHG - Tucker Pole Systems very own Visionary Leader! His entrepreneurial story provides valuable insights for pressure washers and cleaning professionals. Watch this awesome podcast. That emphases the importance of fair treatment, leadership principles, and the determination to overcome challenges in the industry.

In the late 90's, Sean, the CEO of Tucker, started on a journey in the cleaning industry. That led him from being a cleaning contractor to running a well-known supplier in the window cleaning sector. Sean's story is filled with interesting twists and turns. Along with showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Starting as a cleaning contractor in the Atlanta area. Sean was involved in various cleaning tasks, including softwashing, deck staining, cleaning roofs and houses. During this time, he hadn't even heard the term "softwashing." His journey took a turn when he was faced with the challenges of a demanding work schedule. He had planned some time off. However, his employer denied him the day off. Which lead to a pivotal moment in his career.

With a commitment to fair treatment and respect for employees. Sean decided to leave the company that didn't value his planned time off. This experience shaped his perspective on leadership. Knowing clearly how he wanted to be treated and treat others in the future. The negative encounter served as a catalyst for Sean to establish a company culture. That was based on fairness and consideration for his employees.

Sean's focus on construction cleanup, deep cleans, and at disaster sites. He highlights the dedication and resilience required in the cleaning industry. His journey from a contractor to a prominent industry supplier showcases the potential for growth and success in the cleaning business.

#CleaningSuccessStory #EntrepreneurialAdventure


Kris Meyer

Structured To Grow Podcast
Hosted By Brad

Tom Reber, Shares his Journey from Technician to CEO.

This Podcast Episode Gives Valuable Insights from Tom Reber's Exclusive
"The Contractor Fight"

Its mission to empower home improvement contractors worldwide.
It emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility, being accountable for
our actions, and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

The TBAR Concept is Highlighted as a fFramework for Understanding How
Mindset Influences Outcomes. The TBAR thoughts, beliefs, actions,
& results that illustrates how our mindset influences our outcomes. It's common
for challenges & excuses to arise. Overcoming them requires a shift in perspective
and a willingness to take action. Ultimately, WE Need to Taking Ownership of Our
Choices & Striving for Improvement.

Kris Meyer

1708632059421.png️February 2, 2024 Structured To Grow Podcast
Hosted By Brad
Technician to CEO - Meaghan Likes Founder of
Bookkeeping Academy Online

Megan is a Serial Entrepreneur with a Diverse Range of Talents & Experiences.
From owning multiple businesses to being a CPA nerd recovering from tax season. Megan's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Tune in as Megan shares her fascinating background. She was born into entrepreneurship with parents who were self-employed in various industries. From owning a scrapbook store to running a cyber cafe in the 90s. Megan's entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured from a young age. Megan's journey, her passion for educating & empowering small businesses. Plus the unique experiences that have shaped her into the powerhouse entrepreneur she is today.

#EntrepreneurialJourney #SmallBusinessEmpowerment #InspiringStories

Kris Meyer

️ From Tragedy to Triumph!

Inside the $100 Million Success Story of Softwash Systems with

A.C. Lockyer on the Latest STG Podcast

In this Captivating Episode of Structured To Grow's Podcast.
Bradley unites with Industry Titan A.C. Lockyer.
The Mastermind behind Softwash Systems.
Prepare to be Inspired as they Unravel A.C.'s Remarkable

Journey from Contractor to Founder of a $100 Million Empire!

Discover the secrets behind Softwash Systems! A groundbreaking company revolutionizing
the Softwashing Industry. Forget Franchises Softwash Systems Prides itself on Being an
"Un-Franchise." They offer aspiring entrepreneurs a unique business incubator experience.

With a focus on education, training, & comprehensive business support. A.C. & His Team
Equip Individuals with Everything they Need to Succeed in the Softwashing Business.

Learn about the Game-Changing product that Softwashing is redefining exterior cleaning.
Say Goodbye to Traditional Pressure Washing. Turn around and say hello to a more efficient,
eco-friendly solution. With Softwash Systems' Innovative Approach, Achieving
Sparkling-Clean Surfaces Easier Than Ever. With Long-Lasting Results & Minimal Water Usage.

A.C.'s journey isn't just about business success! His amazing story is about Resilience &
Purpose. Despite facing personal tragedy. A.C. turned adversity into opportunity, emerging
stronger and more determined than ever before. With over 220 In-Network Companies across 9 Countries. Softwash Systems is Proof that with Determination & Vision. Anything is Possible!

Join Bradley & A.C. as they delve into A.C.'s Transformative Journey. Including his extensive
travels in Europe. Along with the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Don't Miss this
Epic Podcast Episode! It's surely will leave you Inspired. Secondly Motivation to Conquer
your Own Entrepreneurial Dreams!

#STGPodcast #EntrepreneurialJourney #BusinessSuccess #Inspiration

Kris Meyer


Get Ready for an Epic Journey In this Episode. They Delve into the Fascinating Story of Ron Musgraves. The founder of the Pressure Washing Institute of Contractors First. You Won't Believe How a Simple Fountain Transformed his Life. Plus Led to Billions in Revenue.

Tune in this Afternoon Thursday 2/29/24 at 1pm Arizona Time to Catch this Incredible Testimony. Get Inspired by Ron's Entrepreneurial Journey. Don't Miss Out on the Opportunity to Hear from an Industry Expert. While Gaining Valuable Insights. See you there!

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