The Absolute Best Solvent! With Ryan Cash and Rooftec Systems

Ryan Cash

If you could pick only one solvent for cleaning what would it be?

There is one solvent that is capable of dissolving more substances than any other liquid on earth

Not Surprisingly, it's actually water!

If you remember one thing from high school chemistry, remember this: Water is the universal solvent!
So what does that mean for exterior cleaning?

Sometimes, the best way to lift stains or clean a surface is to soak it down with some water first. Before sodium hypochlorite, before degreasers, rust removers, or surfactants, soak with water!

There are absolutely certain stains that require specialized chems but to help those be effective, give the water a chance to work first! You might be surprised!

And as always, check out the RoofTec XCS 500 for the only all-in-one machine that can do it all!

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