UPDATED PRICE: Daimer Steam Pressure Washing Trailer FOR SALE


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I'm selling my hardly used pressure washing trailer with all the accessories. The specs are as follows:

Daimer SuperMax 12880 Tri-Mode Steam Pressure Washer - gas powered, burner uses diesel/kerosene, 3000 PSI, 5 GPM, 300 deg. wet steam temps, tri-mode operation (wet steam/hot/cold), dual-wand setup.

LoadTrail tandem-axle trailer: Dual Electric brakes, 7000lb gvwr

500 Gallon water tank

2 25ft steam pressure washing hoses, 1 50ft pressure washing hose

1 General Pump Pro Surface Cleaner - 20" cleaning diameter

Altogether this setup cost me over $15,000. I've had it for 1.5 years and in that time have hardly used it, mostly due to a change in my occupation. There is maybe 20hrs of time on this machine. The machine is an absolute beast, very well constructed, the steam mode is incredibly powerful and can easily remove massive amounts of gum or stains.
I chose Daimer because it was simply the most powerful steam pressure washing unit I could find. If you want to remove gum even faster and more effectively than a hot water rig, then this is for you.

Specs on the machine can be found at:
3000 PSI Pressure Washer: Daimer SUPER MAX 12880 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

UPDATED: Selling price: Asking $9000 but willing to consider a fair offer

Pictures can be seen at the following link: Picasa Web Albums - Robert - Trailer

Please feel free to email me at rparelius@gmail.com or call 917-992-6904 if you're interested. Thanks!
Welcome rparelius (not sure how else to address you since we don't know your name or your businesses name) to the PWN.

Understanding your intentions are to sell your trailer unit. Might help if you first introduce yourself, follow the forum rules regarding your user name and complete your signature line. Not doing so is first and foremost a violation of our forum rules, and makes your post appear as just a free classified ad.

Good news is that you've found the best PW forum on the web, with a great group of successful contractors and industry leaders. There is probably more used and slightly used equipment on the market now than probably ever before in history. Mark might be able to give you a proper valuation of your equipment, and most of us have plenty of resources available to help you market your equipment sale.

Please take a moment to complete your signature line, and your user name needs to be the name of your company. The forum rules will explain all of that to you.

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