Well, There is Another Blistering Winter Approaching and Homes and Businesses Should


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The King's Cleaning Service Inc. is helping America's floors by providing the steps we take to clean and protect our customers floors. This article is detailed and suprisingly simple for consumers to follow.

Hoffman Estates, Illinois (PRWEB) December 7, 2003--Another blistering winter is approaching fast and America’s floors need to be cleaned and protected. Homes and businesses tend to neglect caring for their various types of floors. “You have to take action before winter settles upon us to protect your floor.†says Michael J. Intravartolo, president of The King’s Cleaning Service, Inc., an insured janitorial / maid service. Carpets and hard surface floors collect an enormous amount of dirt because of daily traffic. Over a period of time this dirt becomes embedded and your flooring may require a professional cleaning. Here are the steps King’s Cleaning takes to effectively remove dirt and prolong the life of your flooring. You can also easily follow these steps.

Tiled Floors:

1. Always start with a new vacuum cleaner bag. You do not want to have your vacuum cleaner leaving dirt and dust particles behind. Vacuum the entire floor twice in different directions. We feel that this is the best possible way to capture all the loose particles.

2. Mix a good floor cleaning solution properly suited for your floor. We acquire all of our cleaning products from Zep Manufacturing Company. Replace the old mop head with a new mop head and wash the floor thoroughly to loosen and capture all of the surface dirt.

3. Once the floor is dry vacuum the floor in different directions once again. This should ensure that all loose dirt is picked up and removed from the floor.

4. Use a rotary floor machine and your choice of stripper solvent to go over the floor twice in different directions. Use short left to right power strokes when stripping the floor to ensure all the old layers that may be scratched, yellow, or non lustrous are removed.

5. Replace the mop head once again and apply the sealer directly towards the floor. Spread the first coat of sealer out evenly across the floor with the mop. Make sure the sealer is 100% dry before proceeding to step 6.

6. Once dry, repeat step 5, excluding replacing the mop head, to apply second coat of sealer. This will ensure that your tiled floor is 100% sealed. Once again, make sure the sealer is dried completely before proceeding to step 7.

7. Replace the mop head once again. You are now ready to apply the coats of wax. Waxing floors is what creates that beautiful show room floor shine. It is essential that you take your time and do it right. There are basically two types of waxes: One type, after applying, requires buffing to bring out that great shine. The second type, once you apply, requires no buffing. We have had success using both types of waxes, the only difference is, the wax that requires buffing, has been proven to last a longer. Once you have chosen your type of wax we recommend soaking your mop head in a half wax, half water mixture. This just dampens the mop. This is essential for applying a smooth layer of wax. Apply a small amount of wax to a small part of your tiled floor. Spread it evenly over that part of the floor, making sure no spots are left undone. Continue this until your entire floor is finished. Make sure the wax is 100% dry before proceeding to step 8.

8. You are now ready to apply the second coat of wax. Follow step 7, excluding replacing the mop head.

9. **Just for the waxes that require buffing** Make sure the floor is dried completely. Replace the stripping pad on the rotary floor machine with the buffing pad. Go over your entire floor until desired shine is achieved.


1. Always start with a fresh clean vacuum cleaner bag. You do not want to have your vacuum cleaner leaving dirt and dust particles behind. Then vacuum the entire floor twice in different directions. We feel that this is the best possible way to capture all the loose particles.

2. Purchase a good penetrating spot remover and carpet brush. Pre-treat your toughest spots and stains by letting the solution soak in for 5 minutes prior to scrubbing. Take your carpet brush and scrub the stains in different directions. You can also repeat this process on stubbon spots and stains.

3. Make sure your carpet shampooer / steamer has a built in heating core. This keeps your water hot! You want your water as hot as can be. This will not only loosen dirt better, but studies have shown that it kills up to 70% more germs than when cold water is used. Purchase a good carpet spotter, deodorizer and protectant. Add this to your carpet cleaning machine and go over your carpet in a straight-line motion. You can do this until desired appearance is attained.

4. Once the floor is completely dry, vacuum it once again. This will pick up all the dirt and dust that was loosened by the carpet cleaning machine.

If you are not pleased with your tile / carpet results, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning company, such as The King‘s Cleaning Service, Inc., who have years of experience and the proper tools to get the job done right.

Winter Special:

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