Will an xjet pull chemicals from a downstream injector?

Cat Powerwash

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Hello All!

I am looking to downstream this year. I have been xjetting for years with good results but tired of carrying the bucket around. Will my xjet draw chemicals or do I need a soap tip?


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Since the X-Jet is itself a downstreamer it creates back pressure thus you cannot use it with another downstreamer further up the line.

• For up close and personal downstreaming use a dual lance wand.
• For height, use a 0 degree tip with a large orifice above a number 25 (depending upon your flow) We use a 00320 on a 5.6 gpm
• To rinse at height, you can use the X-Jet or a smaller orifice 0 degree. #0020

Get yourself a gun rated for a 12-14 gpm machine. Its going to cost you about $50 but it is well worth the investment for the increase in ratio you get from it.

If you go over 200 ft of hose, downstreamers will draw less. You may want to look into a pump fed downstreaming setup if you use long lengths of hose.

Cat Powerwash

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I am building a new setup right now. It is a landa hot water unit 8 gpm at 3000 psi. I will be using 200 feet of hose. I do own a dual lance. How do you set up a dual lance for house washing. Do you use quick connects at the end so you can change tips or do you just have one for soap and one for rinsing. I want to be able to hit the high spots(30 feet) or more without constanly changing tips.

Wiregrass P.C

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I bought me a backpack pump up sprayer and cut the wand off of it. I put me a quick disconnect in the line and my X-jet sucks out of the tank on my back. It beats the heck out of carrying around a bucket!Works great!!

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