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Hello All,

I recently have the need to wash a lot of commercial windows for a chain of stores. I don't do windows and didn't want to , however it was tied to the PW account I wanted. Now I'm forced to learn and do.....

Can someone point me in the direction of a good book,manual or set of equipment catalogs please? I have read the PW Guide Book and Profit in Power Washing....I'm looking for something like these in a windows version if it exists.....also I use Delco and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for most of my products......any good sources for window washing supplies?

Any advice in this area would be greatly appreciated.


......if there is a Charlotte based window washer that would lke to give me a quote on doing windows as a sub contractor for me please e-mail your bid/estimate to "" - this way everybody wins.....


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Both Home Depot and Lowes have a nice selection Ettore window cleaning supplies. I use their "Squegee off" cleaner. A scrubber, and few different sized squeegees, a bucket made for window cleaning, some cleaner, a window scraper, some lint-free window cloths, some windex and paper towels, and you're set. They're usually damn good and easy money.

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