wow 60years young !!


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I believe Larry is fishing with his grand kids!

Hope they catch bigger fish than him!


Larry L.

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Thank you all.....

Alot of ups and downs lately and turning 60 is great,its on the upper side if you what I mean.Fish aren't biting we come in with nothing in the cooler,hopely today will be better that is if we even go.They may decide to go 4 wheeling,every day with the grandkids you never know what comes next other than eating every 20 min.

On of my downs is the vette,after 6 months setting in the body shop I went and got it,its ready to paint.I'm the type if I tell you I want something done at a special time and you tell you can I want it.I was told the vette would be done by spring which is the 21 of march around here.I wanted to drive it on my birthday is the reason why I wanted it done by spring.However with no tail lights,headlights,will its stripped ready to paint I drove it anyhow.Bad part I already paid over half on the paint job,my lost but its also the body shops lost b/c their name want be on it when shown though out town.

When power washing I do not put anybody it front of somebody else when they call for a wash and expect the same.Alot of people seen the vette sitting in the bodyshop which is good for the bodyshop when painted and shown in car shows or local.Sometimes when they paint older cars they want alot of people to know they where the ones who painted it and the longer it sets inside the bodyshop the more people will know who painted it.Anyhow its another bridge I'll cross when I decide who I'll let paint it,may even paint it myself.

The kids are getting up and wanting and telling me what they want to do today but first they hurry,mcdonalds here we come lol....C-Ya..thanks

Dan S

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Bring it here larry........ I will paint it for you for Nuttin..................

Yes I can paint............. !!

Got several trks. ~n~ cars under my belt !!

Larry L.

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Dave we had a bad winter here and all winter long I would say boy I'll be glad when hot weather gets.I do not know how hot it got today but it seemed like july 4th,sweat running down in both eye's.Altho I'm glad warm weather is here b/c of more things to do besides staying humped up around the stove,just wish the vette was painted.

Dan heheheheHAHAHAhehe I've got more than dat under my my little finger nail but I ant my vette up lol.But don't be shocked ifen I put the tail lights back it and head your way b/c I do not like the primer gray it is now.Had some one tell me today just put some flames on it and make the gray primer be the smoke from the flames.
I am not p'd at the guy b/c I do not get p'd off every offen,however I'm every every disappointed at the guy.Its getting to be fewer and fewer and fewer of good to the word type people.I have never had any dealings with the guy before,just knew he can do good work.He had enough good talk when talking to him about painting it I gave him 2000 before he even started on it,thougth he was trust worthly.My lost his gain huh,on will its water under the bridge,not heat attack worthly ifen know what I mean.

LOL I've had so much bad luck this month people are starting to call me lucky around here.I guess the worse was when I mashed my finger in the door,the nail is trying to come now.Putting on gloves when washing was a pain in the a.. or finger I should say and the next I would guess would be my juke box stopped working.Had to change out my pump today b/c the other cat lived its 9 lives,put my souped up 310 back on,I'll find out thursday ifen I'm still man enough to handle it.The stud horse keeps breaking into the barn and stealing his feed,I keep trying to tell him he going to get sick and I''m not taking him to the doctor when he does.The chickens has decide to take over the shop and roost on the hangers for the roll up door which is where I park my rig,yeah you guessed it.All tho all is minor I could have mashed two fingers ifen you know what I mean,nuthing T's me off man nuthing,O I park my rig outside now.

Larry L.

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They look like daddy's girls to me ;)

Are you still going to get back into the power washing trade or have you found other interest?

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