x jet, or is there another way?


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Hi everyone, I have a problem, I have a small window cleaning business that does 70% windows and 30% pw. I just bought a new machine for window cleaning and need some advice.

The machine is a DI unit, it's powered by a 5.5 honda and a 1500 psi 3gpm gear driven pump. If anyone has seen the Tomahawk, thats what it is....... anyway the problem I'm having is getting soap up a 45' extention pole..... not knowing much about applying chems, I tried a 12v shurflow pump (45psi, 2gpm) but don't seem to get the pressure I need, it just kind of dribbles out of the tip.

I thought about a downstream injector, but my extention pole only has one hose going thru it and taking the pole down to change tips at every window seems to be more work than climbing a ladder. Also, I don't want to have to purge 145' of soap when it gets time to rinse the window and then again purge the hose and pole of di water when it comes time to soap another window.....
and ..... a downstream injector at the user seems like it would be a pain as well, as we are moving quite often (from window to window) and dragging a soap bucket along with moving the pole... well, any ideas?

Also, I have only been a member for a few weeks, and am learning tons of stuff from you guys that helps with PW... I'm not a low baller by any means and most of the time would rather do more pw than windows as it seems to bring a ton more money....

thanks guys, (and gals) any help will be greatly appreciated

Larry L.

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Depends on what type chemicals you are using to clean windows,if safe,I would upstream the cleaner.Which means the cleaner will go though your pump,which means applying cleaner under high psi.You will need a on and off valve in the chemical line going to the intake on the pump.A guy could stand at the on and off valve turning it on and off while the other washes the windows instead of him moving the bucket,he'll be rested when it comes his time on the pole :) ,whats one way...welcome to the board


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This certainly isn't the fanciest method, but what if you got a wand with a rollover tip, easy switch from soap nozzle to a 0 degree. You could roll to the soap nozzle, just long enough to fill the line with soap and then roll to the 0 degree and shoot it right up there. I believe it would work somewhat the same as upstreaming except you wouldn't have the same capabilities on metering the chemical. One person could operate it, and though it would take a little longer per window (filling the line each time unless you could get multiple windows with each fill) it would be easier than dealing with those extension poles.
I just got an x-jet, by the way and love it, but it doesn't throw chems as far as a 0 degree would.



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Im doing windows using a p.w. as well we have found the x-jet is the ticket followed by the pole..be carefull!Those di tanks arent going to last very long.keep a back up set at home.

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Hey Ray

I think it would be faster with the powerwasher but you won't get the same results.

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tucker pole on steroids

As the di water comes out of the p.w. simply attach to the hose that goes to the pole {not a p.w.poleXXXX near the brush head a spray nozzle{i use an oriface 20 at 65 degrees.The p.w. is really just idling,but the increase in water flow and pressure really speeds up the program,As far as soap,apply to the brush with a spray bottle and hit up to about 5 windows{screen side onlyXXXXThis allows the soap to dwell a bit,then go back and give em a real quick up and down and rinse{greatly enhansed of coarse because your putting out around 2.7 gpm instead of 1.5.Only pull screens if its absolutly beyond dirty.No high pressure hose is needed,my reel holds 350 ft of 250 psi half inch hose attached to 100 ft of 3/8 vinyl which is rated at 50 psi.My method increased my speed by about 40-60%,saves alot of shoulder time holding the pole to so your are alot less fatiged.

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