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    Gum & oil stains

    SOS ... Looking for the best way to remove OIL & GUM stains from concreate ... I have used 3 types of degreasers & acid ... What would be the next step ... The owner said there is something you pour on and rinse off and it take up oil & gum making look brand new... If you have info on chemical...
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    TIP/WARNING - RE: Mail Boxes

    wow ,,, There is a lot to learn ... I think that its pretty cool that ya guys trade info ... But do have another question ... I did a Gas station and could not get oil stains out ... I tryed degreasers and acid & hot water ... Just wondering what would be next step ...
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    TIP/WARNING - RE: Mail Boxes

    I used hot water with all types of cleaners even used acid to no aval still get rings ... the question I have is ... What does a person on a Gas Station oil spots that are deep I uesed 3 degreasers and acid looks really bad