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    Does this forum still exsist?

    Hey Doug. Just getting the season started. Glad this nice weather has finally arrived up here in Toronto!
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    Does this forum still exsist?

    What happened to everybody?
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    Cedar Deck - re-staining

    Strip, brighten, sand and stain. Sand with 60 grit and use s good penetrating stain. I have had lots of success with armstrong clark
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    Wood Cleaning Troubles

    Post some pictures. How old are the decks and how long were they unprotected?
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    Deck Restoration....

    What grit do you use on the railings? How often do you sane the actual deck boards? Thanks
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    Seal n Lock products

    Will the spray system work with other water sealers? SealNLock is hard to get in Canada and I have a supplier ( that is Canadian and sells water based sealers. Im sure you can but I would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks
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    Restore-A-Deck Products

    I need to find a solid supplier besides the big box brands. Some may work fine but are not very cost effective. I live up in Canada. I came across this product online Restore-A-Deck Package 3200 | Restore-A-Deck Packages | Deck Cleaners - Professional Grade | The Sealer Store Anyone use this...
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    Rust Removal Houston

    Would you use oxalic acid on a rust stain on concrete or stone too?
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    Pressure Wash Driveway in Alamo, CA

    Great job man! What steps did you take to achieve the final finish?
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    Deck Restoration....

    anyone? Has anyone used products?
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    Deck Restoration....

    Let me get this right. Apply a stripper/brighter, rinse with no more than 1000psi. Let dry for at least 24hrs. Sand the top of the rails with no more than 80 grit sand paper. If deck has feathered (happened to me last year on a cedar deck) sand boards. How often do you sand typically? Remove all...
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    Seal n Lock products

    What do you use to apply the sealer? Has anyone used their battery powered spray systems?
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    Pressure Cleaning School II

    Hey Doug, any schools available this March?
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    cleaning/sealing wood decks

    Make sure you stain the entire board at the same time. When I was practicing on my deck I did one half at a time. When it dried I ended up having brush mark all through the center of my deck. Never made that rookie mistake again.
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    Hey. I am really interested in your school. I'm 24 living in Toronto, I would like to attend...

    Hey. I am really interested in your school. I'm 24 living in Toronto, I would like to attend sometime in March. I started my business last summer. I do residential work mainly decks, driveways and pool patios. I notice how you are strong believer in the Seal N Lock systems. I would really like...