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    10 ft trailer rig for sale

    Just wanted to put up that price drop to $5,400. Of course my idea of a bike is out the window now. lol, didnt last long. new house is aound the corner, and were going to use cash for colsing cost. Ehh", i dont mind giving it up for that tho.
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    10 ft trailer rig for sale

    sorry for the way it is listed, just copied from add on craigs list. the only time i have left is the weekends to be with the family, so my wife and i agreed that it would be best. The unit is a rascho RK43. Thats a gas powered 3500 psi, 5 gpm key start pressure washer,with a 18hp vangaurd...
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    How much experience did you have?

    very cool to hear that there is more than i thought starting with no exp. I am same way. Big fat zero exp. Thanks to the guys on here i have learned a lot and dont feel so blind going in to something new.
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    Reason for Surge?

    Yup!! Once I fixed the leaking couplings on my pressure hose, the surging that mine did stopped all together. Still a little steam of water coming out of tip, but I just figured that's in the gun.
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    Summer Is Here ?

    Yup i feel the heat for sure. Around this time is when the "cokes" go away, and i get back with nothing but water. Just feels so bad when you sweat cokes. And beer for that matter. Was is Denver last week. Would have to say the weather was very nice there.
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    several owner operators on one lot--pricing

    I have read through a lot of the old threads and i have found a good bit of info on washing fleets and pricing on them. But it has all been about several trucks for one company. But what kind of price would you do for a single tractor and or trailer of an owner operator. Where the one guy that i...
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    Power Washing Soap

    Its kinda funny how you explained all that. Cause that was the same way that i was figuring it out. Washing on a tractor and trailer and the trailer no matter how close i was or what soap i used, i could still wipe it off with my finger. And with ease. So i have just went to brusing all the...
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    Are you ready to become more successful? Good, let's start

    So post cards, door hangers, & fliers an effective way to advertise as long as you have good information on them? What key things would you want to include?
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    Are you ready to become more successful? Good, let's start

    just getting started myself, but I have just been personally talking with about everyone that I come in contact with.
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    Commercial Property Cleaning Houston

    nice Doug. You can really see the difference in the grout between the bricks. Looks good. That's the same color brick on my house. I'm about to put it up on market and I wanted to give it a good all over wash before I do. What did you use on this bank if ya don't mind me asking. There is also...
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    Trigger Gun Fatique

    would be very interesting! I went back and read all through this thread just to see the interesting guesses. Think I still like the tampon one the best!
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    All American PH8030HGOD

    I am noticing that the gpm is what you want higher wrather than the psi. I used to always think it was the other way around.
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    Pressure Washing Townhome Houston Texas

    If I can get any time off, I would come hang for a day. I don't mind a little free labor to learn from the "king"
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    Reason for Surge?

    ah, very intresting. I was trying to figure out why my machine was doing the same thing. But it is only when it is running and i am not spraying. The pressure gauge will sit at zero, and jump up to about 1200 to 1400 then right back to zero. To describe, kinda like i was squeezing the trigger...
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    Pressure Washing Townhome Houston Texas

    very nice. So with something a little more delicate like stucco, do your chems have to be mixed a little stronger or do you allow it to work a little longer?