10 ft trailer rig for sale


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sorry for the way it is listed, just copied from add on craigs list. the only time i have left is the weekends to be with the family, so my wife and i agreed that it would be best.

The unit is a rascho RK43. Thats a gas powered 3500 psi, 5 gpm key start pressure washer,with a 18hp vangaurd series motor and a disel powered burner that heats the water up to 200 degrees. (takes about 45 seconds to heat up) Comes with a 250 gal water tank, and a 50 gal soap tank. You can run the chems by either the down stream set up or by going through the pump. (i always used the down stream method to prevent damage from the pump) Its all mounted on a 10 ft trailer single axle trailer with new tires and a good spare. I have recently put a new alternator on the motor and a new transformer on the burner. Everything works fine and your more than welcome to come test out the rig. I use this rig to run my business but i currently work 16 hr days 5 days a week between two job. So little to no time to try and keep this going on the side. So im just going to sell it and buy a bike, something i can enjoy on the days that im not working.
If you buy at asking prince i can deliever it within 2 hours drive from my house. Price $5,800
You can call text or email whenever. Calob @ 817-701-6166





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Just wanted to put up that price drop to $5,400. Of course my idea of a bike is out the window now. lol, didnt last long. new house is aound the corner, and were going to use cash for colsing cost. Ehh", i dont mind giving it up for that tho.

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