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    Burner Not Firing

    Mark, I hate to say it but my 12V burner has cropped up with another problem. The guys were hugely helpful last time I had a problem so here goes with what I'm dealing with this time. Beckett 12V burner (w/Hydro-Tek 3505) with new switch and thermostat control on front panel, new automotive...
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    ...'Here is a question for the experts and veteran pressure washer companies. What would you consider to be the most undesirable jobs that you get calls for? Jobs that maybe you dread doing? But yet those types of jobs may be plentiful? The reason I ask is because since I'm just starting...
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    SUNTEC fuel pump

    Update; problem solved. 'Out of options and without any helpful tips from SUNTEC (they actually do not have a tech line/help) and the Beckett factory, I decided to remove the Alkota Xtreme Performance fuel filter (as per Douglas Hicks comment) and go with a simple, clear plastic, automotive...
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    SUNTEC fuel pump

    Thanks or your reply, Douglas. My system worked fine all along without a water separator. I do have the Alkota Xtreme Performance filter, a paper element filter with the clear plastic bowl on the bottom. My fuel pump is "pulling" fuel in (filling up the filter with fuel) but not pumping it...
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    SUNTEC fuel pump

    'Gentlemen, I've got a question on a Beckett 12V burner fuel pump on a typical Hydro-Tek 3505 pressure washer. It's the standard SUNTEC diesel fuel pump used on most Beckett burners. On my original fuel pump, I bled the pump with the bleeder valve just like you would bleed a brake caliper...