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Mark, I hate to say it but my 12V burner has cropped up with another problem. The guys were hugely helpful last time I had a problem so here goes with what I'm dealing with this time.
Beckett 12V burner (w/Hydro-Tek 3505) with new switch and thermostat control on front panel, new automotive size battery, brand new igniter, brand new diesel fuel pump, brand new solenoid on side of burner and my fan motor runs fine when hooked up directly to 12V. However, when everything's together, the fan's not running and of course, not turning the fuel pump. Same wiring as before when everything was fine. Somewhere, I'm losing power to the fan? My other unit's a damn-near identical, Mi-T-M 3505 w/110V burner and I never seem to have trouble with it? I might try calling Hydro-Tek and ask them how I can effectively test with a tester just where I'm losing power to my fan motor.

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I had one 12v burner setup and I had so many problems with it not running right I got rid of it and never went back to that type of setup. All of our burners today(3) are 110 units and they work great.


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I am not on the PWN as much as I used to be. The best way to reach me is by
phone: 916 638-0828

12 volt burners have come a long way over the years, Beckett has a good 12
volt burner, and Hydro Tek does a good job with them.

Give me a call if I can be of service, or call my service department for an
appointment to bring your Hydro Tek in for service.

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