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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    that is good to know. I ended up passing on that job and I just read the post( i havent been on here in a while) but that is interesting. Ill have to run a test on some of my own plants. But thats valuable info if it works. thanks for the reply
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    Job lead Franklin Ma

    hey Im about an hour away from Boston, not sure where franklin is. You said a small job, if its really small ill probably pass but you can let me know. Im not sure how to use the pm.
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    New to Roofs

    black streaked roofs you can clean from the gutter, as long as your pump will push the chem. to the top of the roof. Roofs with algae and lichen (green) will need to be rinsed close range to make them detach from the roof( using no pressure) so you'll find that walking the roof will be the best...
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    Lichen removal

    I use a garden hose to rinse off the lichen. It is time consuming. But $400 for 6 hours of work is still worth it in my eyes. However, it does still take of some granules but, these are the granules that the lichen are rooted to and I'm not sure but, I think they'll end up coming off no...
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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    Hi, Im not Don but Ill answer you anyways. If the mold is just black, all you have to do is spray it from the gutter and let it sit then rinse from the gutters. Theres really no need to get on the roof as long as your chem pump can reach the top of the roof. that stuff just disappears after...
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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    I always have a groundman with me at $10 per hour. Every job, no matter how small I always bring him. This house is different because there are no gutters and even with a groundman, I'm worried about the plants. Some are telling me not to rinse but my job is to get the algae off the roof not...
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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    Maybe the Florida market is different, but I'm in New England. Do you guys mostly do black roofs? Those I can see not rinsing. But, a lot of the roofs I do have the green moss/algae spores that turn white after the chemical application and stay stuck to the shingles for a LONG time afterwards...
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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    So, do you guys think that with enough dilution I should be OK? Even if I add soap for cling, all of the chemical is gonna come down when I rinse the roof anyways but, it will give me time to dilut the bed.
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    NO GUTTERS ON HOUSE! should I attempt the roof?

    Hello everyone, I got a call today for an estimate on a house with no gutters. Not just that but, the roof is really steep, pretty dirty, and surrounded by plants. I use a 4% sodium hypo mix with some TSP. Now, I know this will kill the plants or at least do them some damage if I just let...
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    pump choices

    anyone have any suggestions for some of the cheaper pumps some use for rinsing the roof after chem. application. A lot of the customers I serviced don't have good enough pressure at their spigots and I'm looking to buy a pump that will give me better pressure than a garden hose to pump out my...
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    Sodium Hypoch. Vs Packaged Chemicals

    A lot of the other (non chlorine) mixes need to be rinsed off with some pressure applied or else they have to sit for a really long time before effectively killing off the mold. I myself have never used them but this is what I've heard. A lot of them are only trying to make money by using...
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    Sodium Hypoch. Vs Packaged Chemicals

    If I remember correct for 100 gallons it's 30 gallons of 12.5% SH (liquid shock), 12.5 cups of TSP and 12.5 cups of Borax and 70 gallons of water. I've been using about the same but, without the borax and it's been working out great for me.
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    Sodium Hypoch. Vs Packaged Chemicals

    The Applesauce is just SH with some TSP and Borax
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    Looking to Buy- 2 Hose reels

    I'm looking for 2 hose reels that I can use with my polybraided 1/2" chemical hose for roof cleaning. I'll need at least 200 ft. capacity for 1/2" hose. Shipping isn't a problem.
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    Hose Reel Questions

    Hey, I've got my roof cleaning setup up and running and have done about ten roofs so far, but my problem is getting organized. I've made my startup cash back so it's time to start buying the rest of my equipment. I plan on mounting 2 hose reels to a trailer. One to run my poly braided hose for...