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Hey, I've got my roof cleaning setup up and running and have done about ten roofs so far, but my problem is getting organized. I've made my startup cash back so it's time to start buying the rest of my equipment. I plan on mounting 2 hose reels to a trailer. One to run my poly braided hose for my chemical application and one to run some hose for use in rinsing the roofs. Does anyone know if the poly braided chemical hoses have any problems going on a hose reel. By problems I'm talking about kinking up or anything like that. Also, what are you guys using to pump up fresh water to help rinse the roofs. I'm currently using the customers water spigot with my own garden hoses but I'm finding I don't get enough pressure and volume to rinse a lot of the roofs efficiently. Especially the dead lichen. It's taking wayy too long and I don't want to use a pressure washer or the pitch witch. I need a pump that will put out more pressure and volume than a household spigot and also I need about 200 feet of hose and I'm not sure which size or type of hose to use for the rinsing.
Basically the 2 questions are:
1: Can I use any hose reel made for a 1/2" hose with the poly braided chemical hose without kinking occuring?
2: What type of pump should I look into for rinsing the roofs and what type of hose is best for that?

Any input is appreciated.


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Steel Eagle would be an excellent choice, as well as Cox,
Hydro Tek, or Reel Craft., and Rapid Reel.

Some reels would be better for your application than others.

Call me this morning, I have a suggestion about the pumps
we discussed yesterday. :)


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Pete I apply my mix with 200 ft of polly hose with a shure flow pump 3.6gal(?) and rinse with my
6.5 gal min landa with a 4020 tip. makes great time . I'll be in East Matunuck in July maybe we can hook up and talk shop ???

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