1. Doug Rucker

    BT200 Cleans Up Hydraulic Oil Spill in Florida

    Here are some pic's from a Central Florida Contractor that used the BT200 to clean up a long 600' x 2' hydraulic oil spill in a neighborhood. This contractor was extremenly pleased with how effective the BT200 worked as well as how safe the products is to use. It is Certified GREEN and contains...
  2. Doug Rucker

    BT200 Cleaning a Trex Deck Houston Texas

    These two pics wouldnt load in the previous thread.
  3. Doug Rucker

    BT200 Cleaning a Trex Deck

    Here are some photos of a Trex I Cleaned using the BT200 that Mark at Easy Clean Systems is a distributor for. This is a great product for cleaning Trex Decks and other composite decks and even wood decks as it contains no harmful chemicals so you dont have to cover plants or grass or even wet...