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  1. New Look

    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    The New Year brought our pressure washing services back to Vacaville, CA. Nothing really special about the job except that it came out good and the customer was pleased. We have been hitting the commercial contracts consistently in 2011 and it felt great having a change and doing a house...
  2. New Look

    Patio and Sidewalk Cleaning in Berkeley, CA

    Video of some work we did in Berkeley, CA.
  3. New Look

    Pressure Washing in San Rafael, CA

    Did some flat work and a house wash over in San Rafael, CA today. Back patio had a good bit of algae growing on it as you can see from the pic.
  4. J

    Parking Garage Cleaning Equipment

    As some may already know, we are in the middle of building a baby brother to our "Yellow Beast". This unit, though we can make it 10+ GPM's, we are keeping it down ( At least for right now ) to 7 GPM's at 4,500 psi. The coils ( A Must) need to have 3/4 inch sch 160 with the ability to run...
  5. New Look

    Favorite Place to Pressure Wash?

    Blog Article from the California Pressure Washing Blog If there were one or two favorite places in your service area that you thoroughly enjoy pressure washing at, where would it be? For my company, New Look Power Wash, I would have to say that no matter what time of day or night it is we...