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Hello Everyone!
I hope everybody is having a great summer so far!(whats left of it) My question is, has anyone ever washed a cedar shake roof on a A-frame house? I got the job, now I have to figure out how to get up there to wash and stain effectively. There is a deck and landscaping on one side of the house. Someone suggested that I use a harness and drop over the roof, but I am afraid that I will be to close to wash it with my 4 ft. wand. Any help will be appreciated. I did figure in rental charges in my bid. Thanks in advance!
Dakotawash Deck & Siding Restoration

If you can't get a bucket to the job, you might think about using two ladders with ladder jacks and a 20 foot alum. plank. We do some pretty good size A-frames and we go with the ladders because we never have the room we need for a bucket. Works great.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

Also, consider investing in some different size wands.......my favorite are the little 12" wands, but I carry all different sizes with me. It's amazing how much easier a job can be if you have the right equipment on hand.

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA

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