Advice For Winter / Cold Weather Storage Of Equipment

What is your method for winterization

  • Indoor storage

    Votes: 17 43.6%
  • Antifreeze

    Votes: 19 48.7%
  • Light bulb

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Electric Blanket

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Air Blow Down Valve

    Votes: 4 10.3%
  • No need never gets that cold here.

    Votes: 5 12.8%
  • A bottle of Jack Daniels for me and a bottle for the machine!

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Window Wash Fluid

    Votes: 4 10.3%
  • Shop Heater

    Votes: 1 2.6%

  • Total voters


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Well it is that time of year again in some parts of the country.
(Usually does not get cold enough to freeze in my neck of the woods fortunately.)

But I thought it was time to give a reminder for [nb] and any one else needing a reminder .

Protect your pump, coils etc from freezing.

-1- Store equipment in a warm area.

-2- Cover unit with an electric blanket.

-3- Run antifreeze, window wash fluid through unit.
(leaving the antifreeze in unit to protect from freeze. damage.)

** What is your preferred method of winterization?


Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
.If my rigs are outside I antifreeze the powerwasher and cover the whole trailer rig with a trap that goes all the way to the ground which can be wrapped and tied,if getting down in the teens I set a electric heater under the trap to get my chemicals lines from freezing,never have had a rig to freeze yet.
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I dont use anti freeze ////// been 3 years since I sucked some of that stuff thru the ole machine ....... I use nothing other than propane heater mounted in the ole "pattywagon" and of course I put it in a garage too . but the garage is un-heated.........
Hi to all,
I use a electric heater in my inclosed trayler with a drop cord that's wired to a chicken house timer (HD) that I can set to come on and off with the peak hours that depend on the temps!
Every time I put the anti-freeze in my washer for sure I'll get a call! With doing at least 2 jobs a week I just unplug and go!
We use the anti freeze method in addition to an electric heater. Unplug and go.....arrive at a job reclaim the anti-.freeze...keep the doors closed as much as possible and the heater on and the watrer running..recirculate a/f after finishing ....havent had a problem in 2 years.....and up here we work in all temperatures sometimesas low as -20celcius with the wind chill got to cause tax man doesn t care if your feet are cold
Happy New Year and Best of Luck to all of you who I have gleaned info from this past year....(pretty much every one I think) And I Thank you You'r a great bunch!!
Sincerly David Patterson.
Canadian Powerwash Ltd.


New Member
canadian powerwash!!!!!!!
i guess you would know the best on this subject.
-20 is damn cold.
How do you keep the line from the spigot to the tank from freezing?
What are you washing in -20 cold?

Dave Ott

Well Larry I have many. LOL If your lucky enough to have a house with basement and driveway next to the basement window. I recently remodeled a kitchen at the house. So I had an extra heater duct going to nothing after the remodel, (Put something else in the spot of the duct). Since the cost of gas for the house is killing us to begin with and I didn't want to buy another propane setup for this other trailer. We just ran the duct out the side window with flex pipe and the put the insulated sleeve over it and ran it into the bottom of the trailer which is now setup with forced heat. You also have to have an understanding wife with all of the toys we have in the garage and trucks in the drive, she understands. It takes an hour to get her car out from behind the work vehicles. Oooops. Then the now pipe that runs into the bottom of trailer and easly unhooks when you need the trailer in the morning. The house can be at 65 at night and the trailer runs around 50 on a cold night with that darn snot freezing wind blowing. I have a thermostat to check the temperature. At least I wont have to worry about a heater going out or running out of the liquid gold propane.

anthony szabo

Dave ,
You gave me a great idea of heating my new truck that I can not fit into my shop. I can make a tie off from my shop duct.
Send me a invoice for the idea/thought. Although I will have to do some engineering on my half.

Thank You


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The cold weather has hit Sacramento
27 degrees right now!

Did you winterize your pressure washer?

Check out the search feature at top of
page and run a search for freeze protection.


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Yo try this !!!!!

Get yourself some SNOWMOBILE GLOVE HEATERS .... wrap em around ........ shur-flo pumps , engines , pumps, etc........ the more ya wanna wrap the more you gotta buy . they come in a pair.

anyways wire them to your 12volt system You can also hook em up to a switch ...

also use anti-freeze in lines . or have a heated garage !!

but those gloves work great for driving to that job !!

Yes they work !
I've just been blowing the water out of my system with air. I dont have an indoor spot for my trailer right now. It works good. I hate doing it that way but it does work. I dont think it gets all the water out, there is still a mist that blows out of the heater coils when i stop, but it gets the majority of the water out. Apparently thats all it needs anyways. Last year i put antifreeze in it, but i didnt have a heater then. And the tank had to tip towards the outlet to get the antifreeze in. Now then the tank is bolted down and it would take so much more antifreeze to get it in outlet and have enough to pump it thru the system. i need a smaller tank i can fill with antifreeze and some valves i can use to switch from big tank to little tank.


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I have 9 years use of my equiptment just by storing it in a climate controlled garage, and never been winterized. I do work all year around, and yes I'm in Florida but, it does freeze here in the northern part. just my 2 cents
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Winter is here, we had a pretty good hail storm
the Friday after Thanksgiving, some of the hail
had not yet melted as of last night.

Currently it is 5:02 AM and 37 degrees here.

Don't forget to winterize your equipment!:)


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The poll has been re-opened any new ideas out there on
winterizing equipment?

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